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What if you can’t cure your depression, does that mean you simply allow it to take you prisoner? No, Keep Those Joy Fires Burning.

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It wasn’t that long ago where I thought I’d never feel again. The world around me was drenched in pointlessness. And the prospect of a good future? Well, that was never going to happen. I was convinced of that. You see, what people don’t understand is that those with depression are living in the moment. Funny considering this is what the internet keeps telling me this is what I should be doing. I guess sometimes, those trending buzzwords can do more harm than good, depending on what psychological state you’re in when you read them.

No, really, you are living in the moment. And it makes sense when you think about it. See, when depression speaks, it keeps you locked in. “I’m no good.” “what’s the point of all that surrounds me,” “I’m too tired of it so I’ll just stay in bed.”

Makes perfect sense to a mind that is low on serotonin and high on absolute despair. For me, depression is like some self-love stealing, soul crushing executioner, who’s embedded himself in my head and is slowly and painfully snuffing my life force to death.

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But here’s the thing, there is always a chance that the manifestation of the dull but painful feeling of depression is just a moment in time. Even, like in my case where depression is always present, always ready to take me down with its depression’s mindset, I can work on improving my life. Ok, some days this isn’t always possible but instead of surrendering to its powers, I embrace them.

What’s the difference you ask? Well, you see, I am a forty-seven-year-old man with depression. While this isn’t what I dreamed of for a man of middle age, it is, nonetheless, my reality. So, I decided to yell it out, to accept my fate, and thankfully, I developed an action-oriented mindset. It would appear as though the simple act of a different way of thinking about it, opened up an avenue I didn’t know existed. This is what makes accepting it would have meant drowning to the bottom of the deepest pits of despair, whereas embracing it helps me to reclaim my life.

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I guess the flames that burn deep down, the energy giving me the zest for life has never been extinguished. Rather, they were merely buried under the weight of dread and sorrow. Nevertheless, they were still there, dancing and providing me with blips of joy. Man, when I think about how those short but sweet moments made me feel alive again, I set out to find a way to stoke the fires. I thought, “maybe if I can get these oppressed but alive flames dancing higher, maybe I can kill the executioner.”

“You can’t merely watch a flame dance around and expect it to always keep you warm.” A thought I had several times on my road to mental wellness. “So, then Jonathan, what would you have to do to keep it burning? The answer is of course, a simple one. Add more fuel, right? Buy the wood, split the wood, bring it in the house and get it set afire. A lot of work and honestly, not something I want to take on. Buuuut if I want the heat, I must put in the work.

And really, reclaiming my life is no different. If I want a chance at more happy and less days of isolation and sadness, I would have to put in the work.

“What if, like working to get the wood, I had no choice but to find a way to burn my own eternal flame of joy higher and hotter”? Well, as it turns out, this is exactly what I had to do.

A message of hope

Education became my weapon of choice to counteract depression. I learned a lot. For instance, if I ate better, exercised three times a week and forced myself to be a bit social, I would see improvements. Sure enough, when I decided to take action, I did indeed see and feel a difference.

At the end of the day what we do or don’t do will affect the outcome. Because I worked towards a better, healthier lifestyle, I have had more joy in my life. For me, I’m not looking for a cure, that’s not going to happen, but what I am aiming for is more smiles and laughter, love and connection.

I believe in my heart that you can find more joy too.

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Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan Reginald-Nixon Arenburg (Born January 14, 1976) is a Canadian mental health blogger, speaker, and published author. Retired from the fire service and long-term care fields, he has written and self-published an autobiographical account of his life-long battle with anxiety, depression and more recently, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Titled, The Road To Mental Wellness, he wrote it for what he calls “therapeutic release.” He published it in hopes it would help others going through similar mental health conditions. The sales of The Road To Mental Wellness have been steady selling over 300 copies since its release on October 10, 2021(World Mental Health Day). Arenburg has also been involved in a collaborative publication Called Lemonade Stand Volume III, a book featuring 20 authors who bravely tell their stories of PTSD. All authors where from the military and or emergency services. Published by Joshua Rivedal and Kathleen Myers for the i’Mpossible project, a mental health advocacy organization. Jonathan has also appeared on several mental health podcasts including The Depression Files, A New Dawn, and The Above Ground Podcast Arenburg has also consulted with the Government of Nova Scotia and the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, the Honorable Brian Comer and Candidates for the New Democratic Party of Canada, on improving the mental health care system in Canada. Additionally, Jonathan was recognized in The Nova Scotia Legislature by the Honorable, Chris Palmer, Kings-North MLA, for his Book, The Road To Mental Wellness, his fight to make the mental health care system better. In addition, Chis acknowledged the support he gives to others.

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