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Rally Point Retreat


Rally Point Retreat is the Canadian Premier Peer Support Facility, sitting  on 320 acres of mostly wooded paradise.The main lodge is 6700 sqft consisting of common areas, a library, a media room, and two guest bedroom suites; one with two queen size beds and an ensuite with shower, and the other with a king size bed and a double/twin bunkbed, with a shared full bathroom.

  • Sit and chat.
  • Read
  • Listen to music
  • Art.
  • Exercise.
  • Play games: Ping pong.
  • Pool.
  • Darts.
  • Large Kitchen / home cooked meals.
  • And a hot tub!

Lemonade Stand Vol III

Lemonade Stand Vol. III is a book that I helped co-author. It tells the story of 20 authors who have PTSD and are from the military and emergency services. It’s goal? To put a dent in mental illness stigma whist letting people know that they are not alone in their fight.
Buy Lemonade Stand Vol IIIOrder here 17.00 CAD

Podcast and Radio Appearances

Men Are Nuts

Men Are Nuts Podcast is a Mental health podcast that discusses mental health issues in society with a variety of guests…. It was an honour to appear on this cast. Have a listen to my interview by clicking the link below.



The Depression Files

The Depression Files with Al Levin, an amazing mental health advocate that centres around Men’s mental health. I was proud and honoured to be on his show. Checkout my episode with him below,  The Depression Files — My interview.
A New Dawn Podcast

A New Dawn

We dialogue about mental illness to humanize it world-wide at “A New Dawn,”Have a listen to my First ever podcast with A New Dawn. You can have a listen here   Episode 31 with John Arenburg

Laugh 4 a Purpose Podcast

L4AP uses all their social media platforms as well as their podcast to promote mental health awareness and positivity to the world.  We have created a safe place where you can talk about whats going on in your life and not feel judged, we are more than a community,  we are a family.
1. You Are Loved
2. You Are Not Alone
3. Its Okay Not to Be Okay
my interview on News 97.5FM With Sheldon MacLeod

Checkout my interview on News 97.5FM With Sheldon MacLeod

Sheldon and I discuss the release of Lemonade Stand Vol. III. Have a listen below.
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Interview on 95.7 FM Halifax

Speaking invites

Lead community foundation

Mental Health Summit LEAD Community Foundation.

I was honeerd to speak at the LEAD Projects Annnual Mental Wellness summet in summer of 2021

Check them out on their social media

LEAD Community Foundation Website: leadcommunityfoundation.com

Newspaper Appearances

HAlifax today is a Newspaper from Nova Scotia, Canada.
The Chronical Herald is a Newspaper from Nova Scotia, Canada.
Saltwire network a media company
Grapevine is an Annpolis Valley newspaper

Newspaper Contributions and News Paper Appearances.

Saltwire PublicationsColum — Mental Health Talk (Local Paper)The Waiting GameMy long journey with PTSD, depression and anxiety has been so mentally crippling that I have had little choice but to leave my place of work and seek treatment. Although the road to mental wellness has been a painful one, the helper in me must reach out and help other mental illness sufferers.…The Waiting GameRead my most recent interview with Saltwire productions - Berwick man writes book about his mental health battle to help others

The GrapvineMike ButlerMental health is a very important topic! We all know someone who suffers from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Over the years, we’ve seen lots of research, awareness, community involvement, and education in schools, but there’s still a heavy stigma surrounding men with mental health issues. I am very proud to introduce you to John Arenburg, and to talk about his new book The Road to Mental Wellness. The holidays can be a time of celebration and togetherness, but they can also be a time of struggle, deep depression, and anxiousness. This might be the perfect time to read this book and pass it along to someone who might need it.Jonathan Arenburg was born in North York, Ontario, moved to Nova Scotia at a year old, and was raised in Berwick. He’s a graduate of West Kings District High and from there, he went to NSCC and took human services and addictions counseling. John is a proud father of two and he’s now a published author, as his long battle with mental illness inspired his book, The Road to Mental Wellness. John’s story is one of incredible ups and downs, harsh discoveries, positivity, and a roller coaster of emotions. John is a former firefighter of 15 years, serving in the Berwick and District Volunteer Fire Department. He also worked at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre for 18 years, working in client care. Now he is a mental health blogger, advocate, and published author. (More)

Media/Podcast/Speaking inquires

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