Why Mental Health Matters

Jonathan Arenburg , August 9, 2022 , No comments
At first glance, it may seem obvious why mental health matters. However, mental health matters…

Key to Success in a Word

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Key to Success in a Word - Regardless of if we have a mental health…

Why crawl when you were born to fly?

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Are you living your best life? Or are you loving the same, not good for…

8 signs your relationship is hurting your mental health.

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Could any one of these 8 things be ruining your mental health? let us know…

Celebrities and their mental health

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How can celebrities and their mental health, create the momentum we need to #endthestigma of…

Let’s Talk About Workplace Wellness

Jonathan Arenburg , September 10, 2022 , No comments
SO many of us slug along in a toxic work environment because we feel "stuck."…

They admire my work?

Jonathan Arenburg , September 12, 2022 , No comments
They admire my work? Such an odd and humbling experience to learn that my work…

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Young women highlighted in a crowd looknig depressed.

Hidden Disability

Can we really say, we have a hidden disability? Here's what I think. invisible or uneducated? (Audio Blogs)

Jonathan on cover of his book, the road to mental wellness.

Free except of The Road To Mental Wellness - the book

Now, I want to give everyone a chance to hear a recorded sound bite. So, if you like what you hear, look down below to find out where you can purchase it.. So, why not take a trip down my mental wellness road and find yourself as you learn attempt to overcome your own life-long battle with mental illness. 

Listen to a portion of chapter one of my book, The Road To Mental Wellness. If you like what you have heard, you can order your copy of the book in full at theroadtomentalwellness.com or on:

 Amazon. (Audio Blogs)

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Celebrities and their mental health

5 Red Flags When Dating

The Guilt of the Living

You Can't Control Your Environment

5 Ways To Improve your Mental Health

Hang in There

You are more than you think you are

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Buy The Road To Mental Wellness

Sound like a journey you’d like to take?

Author Jonathan Arenburg did just that. His journey through the minefields and marshes of mental illness, anxiety, depression, and PTSD is a riveting read.

The more we understand these conditions, the more we can help make a difference – for ourselves, family, friends, colleagues, and health professionals. Jonathan’s book is unique, having value for both consumers and experts.

Come with Jonathan Arenburg on The Road to Mental Wellness to understand:

* Childhood struggles with undiagnosed mental illness
* Struggling as a young adult being “different”
* The challenge of working in a first-responder/long-term care profession
* Trying to have a family life when affected with mental illness
* Dealing with thoughts of suicide
* How to find the help that can help you transform your life
* Learn the difference good counselling can make – and how John became a counsellor, helping people with PTSD, depression, substance addictions, etc.
* The powerful benefits of technology, social media, and society
* Creating a motivational wellness plan, with personalized goals
* Reaping the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and alternatives to medication

The Road to Mental Wellness may take you through some dark, difficult places but will inspire you with guidance and hope for a bright future.