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The Road To Mental Wellness is proud to present the Podcast The Depression Files with Al Levin. I will be making an appearance on his podcast later this year. However, a date has not yet been determined. So, keep coming back to the TRTMW to, not only read my hopefully helpful content but to see when my interview will be available to listen to. .We recorded the interview in April 2020 and I have to say, I was honoured to be a guest


Join creator and host Al Levin At the Depression files podcast; Here, he Dedicates each episode to help men with depression and other mental illnesses. While being interviewed, Al’s empathetic and calm disposition made me feel comfortable and right at home; a tone that resonates throughout all his episodes. In short, I loved the experience. Here you will find him interviewing men from all over the world. Below, are but a few of his latest.

His constant advocation for all things mental health related is impressive; tackling everything from the stigma surrounding mental illness to the state of the mental health care system. This wide variety of mental health topics will make you want to come back for more.

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Al Interviews Evan Whitehead | Director of Special Services, National Consultant & Public Speaker The Depression Files

In this episode, Al interviews Evan Whitehead, director of special services, national consultant, and public speaker (recorded 4-8-20). Growing up with a father who was unpredictable due to substance abuse, Evan experienced trauma as a child. At times, the power and phones at their home would be shut off and the family moved a number of times throughout his childhood. Evan experienced his first bout of depression when he left home for college and started playing DI football. In high school, Evan had been a standout football player. As a freshman playing DI, this was no longer the case. This, along with living across the country from his family, was too much to handle. Evan found himself turning to alcohol and weed in order to cope. By the end of his freshman year, he had lost the care of school and football and experienced suicidal ideations for the first time. Evan's second bout of depression came as a new father. He gave so much care for his newborn and others, that he neglected his own care. He continued self-medicating and finally realized he needed support for himself. He entered a dual diagnosis program to deal with his substance abuse and mental health. Evan shares the challenges of mental health in the black community and, more specifically, around the generational trauma that often prevents African Americans from reaching out for the help they may need. In addition, Evan shares his passion of supporting educators and their mental health. If you enjoyed this episode, please click the 'like' button. Also, please take a moment to rate and review the show on iTunes. Finally, don't miss an episode! Click the subscribe/follow button now! If you have listened and feel that you have received some value from the podcast, please consider supporting the show by becoming a Patron at You can begin to support the show with as little as $1.00/month! In addition to The Depression Files podcast, you can find Al's blog at There, you can also find out how to work with Al as a coach or schedule him for a public speaking event. You will also find Al on Twitter @allevin18.
  1. Al Interviews Evan Whitehead | Director of Special Services, National Consultant & Public Speaker
  2. BONUS Episode – Al Interviews Michael Pipich LMFT on the Topic of Bipolar Disorder
  3. Al Interviews Jon Harper | Assistant Principal, Author, Podcaster & Public Speaker
  4. Al Interviews John Arenburg | Addictions Counselor, Former Long-Term Care Worker, Volunteer Firefighter, Author & Mental Health Advocate
  5. Al Interviews Brett Stevens | Start-Up Consultant, Former Professional Poker Player & Author

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Here, you will find A New Dawn, another excellent mental health podcast that I am proud to say I was also a guest on. See the link below for my episode.

It is my belief that we can end the stigma of mental illness together. There are so many people suffering in silence. The people who dedicate hours of their time to helping others have a voice are amazing…..thank you all.

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