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Tag: Startle response

Where's my glasses

Where Are My Glasses?

Have you ever asked yourself; “where's my glasses?” Is it near constant? IF you have PTSD, this could be the reason why.

Emergency service PTSD

Emergency Service PTSD

It takes a different breed of person to be a volunteer firefighter. The time commitment in non-emergency operations alone is tremendous. In fact, responding to calls makes up a very […]

Ptsd and its startle response

PTSD and Its Startle Response

PTSD and Its Startle Response is by far one of the most difficult symptoms to manage...but I do my best. We just must keep fighting on.

When the fog rolls in

When The Fog Rolls In

Often times, when the fog rolls in it grips you so tightly that you can't escape. Sometimes the best line of defence you have is to do nothing.

Mental Illness and EXHAUSTION

Personally, I find very little difference between overextending one’s self physically and when one exceeds their tolerances mentally. The end result is the same – exhaustion – when one has […]


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