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How mental health affects physical health

How mental health affects physical health – Humans are complex. So complex that our mental health can make us physically sick. Here’s how

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Woke up exhausted.

I rarely sleep well, I can thank PTSD for that, but even when I do, I still feel tired. Like this morning, I woke up exhausted.

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For most of my life, I pushed aside any notion of being ill. It was not until I had to leave work did face it. Thankfully, I came alive at thirty-five.

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Anxiety in the New Age

This is how I plan to deal with anxiety in the new age. Whether you have an anxiety disorder or not, this new era will have you worried.

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Impending Danger Part 2

Impending Danger Part 2, I talk about the power of a plan and how it can impower people to keep moving forward. You can do this!

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