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Kindness is only taking a backseat

It feels like kindness is dying. What’s behind this national dread we are experiencing? May kindness is only taking a back seat.

Mental Health

Putting out the main fire

If you spend all your time focused on the small fires that cause stress, you will never win the day. It’s imperative that one focus on putting out the main fire if they hope to have any progress.

Mental Health

Putting out my own fires

It took me forever to realize that putting out my own fires was essential if I was to survive my battle with PTSD.

Mental Health

Our Mental Well-Being

In part one, I discuss the impact of working our guts out and it’s impact on our mental well-being. Does this “dream life” cause mental illness?

Mental Health

Denial is nothing more than a liar

One thing that took me years to learn is that denial is nothing but a liar. I thought I could deny all things problematic, I was wrong.


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