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Tag: Road to mental wellness

You can't ignore PTSD

You can’t ignore PTSD

While I fought tooth and nail to shove everything way down, I would come to learn the hard way that You can't ignore PTSD.

Missing out on life

Missing Out On Life.

I am willing to bet that many people with mental illness have had their own battles with medications. Moreover, it’s very likely that many of you have played the game […]

Connection and Recovery

Connection and Recovery

Is social isolation really the answer to our mental illness challenges? Will avoidance be our cure? Or, will connection and recovery help us live longer?

Telling my story

Telling My Story

When I first started the blog, The Road To Mental Wellness, I had grander plans. Now I'm just glad that I get to help others by telling my story.

Path to Mental Healing

Mental healing can be long and arduous. The path to mental healing is not an easy one to navigate through. It’s by no means a clear, well-maintained road. The terrain […]

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Face To Face With My Mental Illness

Face To Face With My Mental Illness This time last year I came face to face with my mental illness. I had reached the tipping point as it were, the […]


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