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Tag: Post-traumatic stress disorder

Who’s taking care of you?

I learned very early on that I wanted to spend my life helping others. I can’t describe why or where it came from. All I knew is that it burned […]

Shell Shock to PTSD

Mental-health war injury, from shell-shock to PTSD Today, we honour all the men and women who have served their country in battle, many of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice. […]

A side effect

A Side Effect

A few months ago I met with a chap who opened up to me and told me he had suffered from anxiety for a very long time. I sat and […]

Collective silence

The Collective Silence

Being gifted or cursed with a mind that likes to go into problem-solver mode whenever it’s presented with a problem that’s in need of solving, I find myself lost in […]

Impending danger

Impending Danger Part 2

In part one of Impending danger: Psychological shock, I talk about how my fight, flight or freeze system is always engaged because of the hypervigilance that accompanies post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, […]


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