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Tag: Mindfulness

Taking the time to notice

Taking The Time To Notice

Are you one of the many who walk through life, too busy to take a moment to stop and be one with nature? Taking the time to notice is good for your mental health

When mental illness catches up

When Mental Illness Catches Up

As of late, my depressive and traumatic episodes have been really intense. Even so, when mental illness catches up, I know it's temporary

I will never bend to its will

I will never bend to its will

I will never bend to its will, to my mental illness. These things help me stay on top of the fight. Why not give them a try and see.

Simple things

The simple things that matter.

While we can't change the past, nor can we defeat the experience of PTSD, we can take baby steps to heal. It really is the simple things that matter.

A difference a day makes

A Difference A Day Makes

I'm always amazed by what a difference a day makes. In the throes of a mental illness episode, it feels like it will never end but, it always does.

Anxiety in the New Age

Anxiety in the New Age

Just a few short months ago, I was waging war against the most formidable foe I have ever encountered – myself. Although this fight against PTSD, anxiety and depression has […]


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