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Tag: Mindfulness

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Work in progress!

I am happy with the direction I'm heading in. And with this, I have realized that I am a work in progress! We are all a work in progress

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Make time for yourself.

The whole ideology of me-time is to take that time out for yourselves and reflect on what’s happening to you. So, make time for yourself.

How I purge toxicity.

How I purge toxicity.

It's no secret that toxic relationships are damaging. But what's not well known is the right way to walk away from them. Here's How I purge toxicity.

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Taking on the world.

Think there's only one way to make a difference? Think Taking on the world all at once is the best way to help others? Maybe there is a way that you can help and keep yourself mentally healthy.

The sanctuary of earphones.

The sanctuary of earphones.

The sanctuary of earphones. If I didn't have my earbuds, I'd fall victim to PTSD more often than I do. Pick up a pair today.

see you through the fear.

See you through the fear.

Sure, you could just blindly push through your anxiety, but there are tools to see you through the fear. We can beat anxiety and live again.

I treasure my own company

I treasure my own company

I treasure my own company, in fact, I love it. But is it really me that wants to remain a recluse, or is it PTSD and Depression?


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