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A balancing act.

A balancing act – Should you live your life trying to avoid every painful moment? What if they are necessary? In this article, find out why I think they are.

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Why you never find happiness

Could why you never find happiness be because of the way you define it? Maybe this post can help you find it.

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What we get wrong about happiness

This is what we get wrong about happiness. However, we can still find it if we stop doing this one thing and embrace it for what it is.

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My goal in life is to be happy

My goal in Life is to be happy? Because #happiness is not something you can physically obtain, how are you going to pull it off?

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Give yourself permission to be happy.

We tend to put our happiness on hold till when time is right.  but we need to stop and give yourself permission to be happy.

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How are you feeling in the moment?

How are you feeling in the moment should take precedence over the myth that happiness is a permanent fixture in our lives.

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