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You didn't ask for PTSD

You didn’t ask for PTSD

While it may be difficult for you to accept, you must remember, you didn't ask for PTSD. It's not your fault and that's just a fact, ok?

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Taking on the world.

Think there's only one way to make a difference? Think Taking on the world all at once is the best way to help others? Maybe there is a way that you can help and keep yourself mentally healthy.

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I knew it years before the diagnosis

I was your atypical firefighter, in tough and in denial. I knew my injury was getting worse, but I was about to tell anyone that...... Until PTSD made it, so it was do or die. In fact, knew it years before the diagnosis

Love and Loath

Love and to loathe

The fire service and I suspect it's true of all emergency services, it's both really easy to both love and loath, all at the same time.

If I'm being honest

If I am honest

If I am honest, my old identity was killing me. But does this mean the helper in my has to die? Of course not.

Unsurmountable odds.

when faced with unsurmountable odds, we in the emergency services do whatever it takes to get the job done. for those of us who now have PTSD, we too must face the daunting task of getting it done.

Critical Incident

A Critical Incident: Yours?

While faced with memories of a critical incident or more, should we suppress their emotional impact on us? Or face them head on?

You can't ignore PTSD

You can’t ignore PTSD

While I fought tooth and nail to shove everything way down, I would come to learn the hard way that You can't ignore PTSD.


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