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Love and Loath

Love and to loathe

The fire service and I suspect it's true of all emergency services, it's both really easy to both love and loath, all at the same time.

Unsurmountable odds.

when faced with unsurmountable odds, we in the emergency services do whatever it takes to get the job done. for those of us who now have PTSD, we too must face the daunting task of getting it done.

Critical Incident

A Critical Incident: Yours?

While faced with memories of a critical incident or more, should we suppress their emotional impact on us? Or face them head on?

Incident commander

Incident Commander

The Incident commander is "the" person in charge on the fire ground. When it comes to you're mental health, you are the one in charge.

You can't ignore PTSD

You can’t ignore PTSD

While I fought tooth and nail to shove everything way down, I would come to learn the hard way that You can't ignore PTSD.

Who’s taking care of you?

I learned very early on that I wanted to spend my life helping others. I can’t describe why or where it came from. All I knew is that it burned […]

Collective silence

The Collective Silence

Being gifted or cursed with a mind that likes to go into problem-solver mode whenever it’s presented with a problem that’s in need of solving, I find myself lost in […]


Is This Thinking Normal

Thinking back, I can’t remember a time when I felt what “normal” is supposed to feel like. But then again, what is normal? This tends to be a frequentl- asked […]


    The wider world around us is rich with the potential for danger and destruction – and like an animal in the wild, I am on constant high-alert. Although […]


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