Anxiety, Mental Health

The real roots of anxiety

Are the real roots of anxiety modern in their nature or do they have their origins in our prehistory? It’s deeper than you think.

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Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health

You’ll Be Okay My Friend

You are always worth way more than you think you are. You’ll be ok my friend. Don’t let the negative script of mental illness defeat you.

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PTSD and Its Startle Response

PTSD and Its Startle Response is by far one of the most difficult symptoms to manage…but I do my best. We just must keep fighting on.

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Mental Health, PTSD

When The Fog Rolls In

Often times, when the fog rolls in it grips you so tightly that you can’t escape. Sometimes the best line of defence you have is to do nothing.

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COVID 19, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Mental Health

Hijacked by anxiety.

Often when my anxiety is high, I feel this intense sense of self-loathing without reason. It’s then I realize I’ve been hijacked by anxiety.

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