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You're Only Human
Mental Health

You’re Only Human

Like me, you’re only human, so why don’t we focus on our commonalities and work towards a better mental health care system for all?

3 things
Mental Health

3 Things That Heighten My Gratitude

Out with the negative script and in with the good. Discover the 3 things at heighten my gratitude and keep the good feeling rolling.

A test of mental strength
Mental Health

A test of mental strength.

Let’s make no mistake, this holiday season will be A test of mental strength. But perspective can help to dull the sting of COVID-19

Collateral Damage
Mental Health

Collateral Damage

PTSD is tough, there’s no denying that. But the person suffering is not the only one who suffers from its power, there is a lot of collateral damage.

Depression's mindset
Mental Health

Depression’s mindset

When we are in the middle of a depressive episode, it seems like it has its own language. I feel like this is depression’s mindset.


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