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The Great Mental Illness Paradox

Late last year the Canadian government announced that it passed legislation to expand medically assisted death (MAID). And what did it expand in the MAID laws? A person’s right to die if they suffer from mental illness. However, there is a problem and it’s called the great mental illness paradox. What is this paradox and why medically assisted suicide for people with mental illness may be a huge mistake.

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Forever in the moment

Forever in the moment – Is it really true that our mental pain will never end, or does it just feel that way?

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The one person you’re not setting boundaries with

We have a personal obligation to shed the toxicity and work through our troubles, especially to the one person you’re not setting boundaries with.

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Hang in there

What your wellness journey looks like, can’t be compared to another’s. So, hang in there and celebrate your own successes.

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