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The power of friendship
Depression inspiration Mental Health PTSD

The Power Of A Good Friendship

Never underestimate the power of a good friendship. When overtaken by an episode of PTSD or depression, never be afraid to reach out.

When mental illness catches up
Depression Mental Health PTSD

When Mental Illness Catches Up

As of late, my depressive and traumatic episodes have been really intense. Even so, when mental illness catches up, I know it’s temporary

Have I figured out the meaning of life?
Mental Health

Have I figured out the meaning of life?

Have I figured out the meaning of life? When battling major depression this is what keeps me going. maybe it can help you?

I have the will
Mental Health

I have the will

Can one with mental illness be “on” all the time? Of course not, but that’s ok. for me, I have the will to keep moving forward.

When depression speaks
Mental Health

When Depression Speaks

When depression speaks, it takes me out of life and makes me hate the things I love doing the most. Here’s how I cope.


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