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You're Only Human

You’re Only Human

Like me, you're only human, so why don't we focus on our commonalities and work towards a better mental health care system for all?

A test of mental strength

A test of mental strength.

Let's make no mistake, this holiday season will be A test of mental strength. But perspective can help to dull the sting of COVID-19

What's wrong with that guy?

What’s wrong with that guy?

It's enviable when you see someone angry, you automatically think, "What's wrong with that guy?" But sometimes anger is unavoidable.

The new way to therapy

The new way to therapy

So much has changed in such a short period of time, forcing us to change everything. One thing I find difficult is the new way to therapy.

Paramedics our first defence

Paramedics: Our First Defence

I have been wanting to write a piece about our brave paramedics – those men, women and those of other identities – for a long time. However, I have never […]


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