we have the power to choose.

we have the power to choose.

We have the power to choose. Let’s go down the road of mental wellness together.

Looking back through the sands of time, I can very vividly recall the days when I could plow through life like a tank on a battlefield. I’ve traditionally been one of those, always keep types; yes, I was unstoppable. Because of this, I feel proud that I had once been a perpetual motion machine; It was as though I was built with the world’s longest-lasting battery; I must concede, however, that this in which I am so proud, has ultimately ended up causing my demise. Or, has it? All I know is that we have the power to choose.

let’s walk this road to mental wellness together.

Now, I spend a lot of days feeling like a shadow of my former self. I am far from that energetic and “always-on” guy I once was. While this is sadly true, I, at the same time, never asked to be in these shoes, I nonetheless find them on my feet. So, I must figure out a way to walk in them with, customize my life for success and proudly hold my head up high.

With that said, I’d like to tell you that life is something that you can manipulate to your will, that you have full control over; however, if I were to tell you that, it would be a lie. In reality, exterior forces can bring our best-laid plans to a screeching halt So, if you find yourself walking in a similar set of shoes, let’s walk this road to mental wellness together. Remember, while we can’t control what the world throws at us, we have the power to choose.

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As much as I am working to rediscover myself, I still grieve for the fully functional young man that seemingly had the world by the tail. But, in saying that, I am not naive enough to think that I will ever be that energetic man again. And, that’s ok, it has to be.

The dangers of being too busy

let us tackle mental illness head-on!

Despite this fact, does this mean life is over? My answer has to be, absolutely not! Our world is full of people who pursued hopes and dreams only to have them dashed by life-altering events; events way beyond their control.

Yet, there are tons of individuals living and alternate life; not only are they getting by, but they are also thriving. Why? Well, I think the answer lies within their understanding; an understanding that life is more than just focusing on occupational success. I mean, when you think about it; defining career as something that makes up you in your entirety is equivalent to tunnel vision.

But rather, they define success in more holistic terms. By that I mean that they understand, that love for family and friends is part of that equation; that passion is more than a paycheque and these motivators will give them the strength to pursue other aspirations.

we have the power to choose.

Indeed, we can pursue new dreams.

Alas, for some, life will always be viewed in black and white and as a result, may never be able to see past their tragic redirection; but for others, their desire to start anew will eventually be seen in vibrant HD. Regardless of how we see what qualifies as successful, there is in fact, many more beautiful things in life, tons of different directions to go in.

List of potential new careers

Finally, we can think of it this way. Yes, for some, life has steeped in the way of their dreams and yes, there is a period when we need time to grieve for the loss of our initial dream it but at the same time, we must also persevere; we come to see that there is an abundance of opportunity, even in the darkest moments.

So, let us tackle mental illness head-on! Let’s rise form the ruble and do more than get by; let’s find a way to live! After all, we have the power to choose.

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After A Good Run

Today, I find myself sitting in the ER waiting room. Surprisingly, I’m the only one sitting here. It’s nice and quiet which comes as a relief to my nervous system but as you know, there are so many things that can be triggering for PTSD, the location being one of them.

I am waiting for a loved one to see a medical professional for an ailment. As I wait, I find myself wrestling with my mental health medical condition, PTSD. This hospital setting reminds me of my own work environment as they have many similarities, I work in long term care, helping those with mental illness and aggressive tendencies. My workplace has been a significant contributor to the erosion of my mental health. It’s loud, fast-paced and very overstimulating. Practically every aspect of my occupation is toxic to the post-traumatic brain. How PTSD and Trauma Affect Your Brain Functioning – Psychology Today
I slugged along in this mentally taxing environment for as long as I could but found that it wasn’t powerful enough to sustain the mental shield, the one I took to work every day. Essentially, I was being mentally assaulted every time I stepped foot in the building.
Eventually, the strength and endurance I once prided myself on had taken such a psychological beating that I had to surrender to survive. I am off work, employing everything I can think of to regroup, rebuild and regain my life back.
Sitting here in this ER, my mind is in overdrive, its side effects, are a numbing feeling that is fighting to disassociate, so I can cope with my surroundings. Moments come flooding back to mind that my workplace had imprinted on my memory; tragic moments of death and violence.
Ironically, as I sit there, writing this blog post, the speaker above my head erupts with a call for a code for a violent individual on the psych unit. This unit is very similar to the one  I work on. As you may have guessed, it’s exacerbating the PTSD symptom; now I am triggered, gone completely numb and have disassociated even more. Sorry, I no longer have the capacity to continue.

…….. Several days later..  Initially, when I found I was no longer able to continue writing this I thought I would conclude it right where I had left it but then I thought; “I need to add how I got through the mental health, almost crisis moment.” Perhaps my efforts to forgo a crisis may be of use to you.

I first off recognized that I was starting to get numb like local aesthetic that slowly starts to dull your physical pain. I was numbing to my surrounds in order to try to stay in the waiting room, this dissociation never works. At that moment, I had to ask myself “What Do I have to do in this very moment to help me get through it?” Recognizing and coping with PTSD (Verywell minded).

The following things helped me to get through it. I went outside to get some fresh air. – Doing this allowed me to, not only get fresh air but because I was outside I was able to take slow, deep breaths. As I did this I could feel my symptoms subside before I knew it I was able to return inside. This proved very helpful but because of the long wait, I found that it only acted as a temporary fix.

In the Valley where I live, I have mapped out many of the quiet cafes, libraries and other low stimulus atmospheres in the event I need to seek refuges from my anxiety and PTSD, or, more specifically, the causal factors that amplify my symptoms. Luckily, one of these low stimulus cafes was close by; good thing too as I needed to seek its shelter. I jumped in my car and headed there. After taking the time I needed, I found that I was able to get through it the day and avoided a crisis.

 So when you find yourself in the mental thick of it, perhaps the things I employ in those moments can help you too. Map out the low stimulus places, cafes, libraries and natural settings In your area so when you are faced with a triggering scenario you have options, thus a feeling of some control. I tend to think of them as mental illness shelters. Sometimes, the best thing you can have when you have a mental health condition is a plan.

If you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada
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