I have too much living to do.

I have too much living to do.

I may be in the middle of battling PTSD right now but I will squeeze all my living in when I’m better.

Someday I will kick mental illness’s ass. Although I feel like the odds are against me, it can be and must be done; I have too much living to do yet.

But, in order to win the day, I have to defy the rules, be “that guy” that stands in opposition to the established norms. No, it’s not about going after the man, nor is it taking up the fight for social justice.

The fight I am speaking of is the battle within. More specifically than that, I must win the fight over mental illness’s manipulation. I must stand up to the power of PTSD and say, I am no longer your slave; depression, I will no longer bent to your will and anxiety, you’ve navigated my self speak and self-worth for far too long.

Ways to boost your self-worth

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being held hostage by what lies between my ears. Not only am I fed up with it, but I am also desperately wanting to reclaim my life; aren’t you?

I argue yes, that’s exactly what’s happening.

But, in order to do accomplish this feat, we must understand that those thoughts that bounce around inside, the ones that hold us back are bull; I believe the modern term is fake news.

Many mental health conditions are like gaslighters from the inside out; whereas, gaslight usually occurs from the outside in. People who gaslight do so to the degree where one questions their sanity.

I have too much living to do.
Go live your life.

Sound familiar? It seems sometimes that our brains hate us but in reality, we have conditioned it to feel like no one likes us or that we aren’t good enough. Trouble is, what we think about long enough, we start to believe.

“I know I have worth, passion and goals.”

Since I have too much living to do to let this manipulation go on any longer, I have decided to fight back. I know, I know, how on earth do you do that? am I right?

Well, for starters, can you really say that EVERYONE hates you? Or, is it our disorders talking? Are we being duped into thinking that we are worthless? I argue yes, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Want to hear the stories of those on a similar path? Have a listen here. A New Dawn Podcast

We start by paying more attention to the voice that disagrees with these lies. Sure, it may seem smaller and more off in the distance but it is indeed your authentic voice; essentially, that disempowered voice is the real you. Additionally, once you hear yourself in the background saying; ‘I know I’m a good person.” and or; “I know I have worth, passion and goals.”

So, what will digging through the deception do for you? See, the more you listen passed the noise of mental illness and start paying more attention to the real you, that tiny, tired out voice will get louder and more confident; before you know it, you’re starting to believe your truth.

In reality, it all comes down to who do you want in the driver’s seat? A voice hell-bent on running you into the wall or you; heading to a destination that brings you peace and happiness? Personally, I have too much living to do to allow my life to be hijacked; I’m willing to bet that you do too.

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Why you shouldn't quit

Why You Shouldn’t Quit

If you suffer from a mental health condition you know how hopeless it feels. The deep dread that has hijacked your happy makes it seem like you’ll never rid yourself of the symptoms, the way it makes you think and the absolute lonely. It can be an all-consuming experience that comes with these unseen ailments.

Firstly, no matter how you are feeling, you’re not alone in your fight, sadly, far from it. Because we are limited to living in our own heads, we are subjected to its state at any given second in our lives. This creates our individualistic perception of self and as a result, we see the world from our point of view.
If you are locking horns with depression, anxiety, etc, then you know the battle is real and can feel like you’re the only one on the planet. But, are you? of course not. So then, what makes it feel like we are? I believe that your mental illness has infiltrated your mind and has exacerbated the feeling of loneliness by its very gifted talent; the art of negative self-talk. I know this mental health enemy very well and this has been my biggest battle.

Fight back, beat negative self-talk

Because the feelings of isolation tend to be intense, we end up ruminating on how alone we feel. This can make it difficult to move past this emotional intensity and find paths to reasserting our authentic selves as lord and master of our minds.

So, here’s why I think you shouldn’t quit. If you keep going and keep in mind that you’re truly not the only one in a constant state of mental pain, then I think you’re gonna have a better shot at reaching out to find like-minded people. Also, you may get to a place where you awaken to see your loved ones, friends and family as people who want to see you get better and are willing to support you, all the way.

Keep going until you find the support you need, I found a tremendous support system on twitter of all places. When I was at my lowest and loneliest point, those with mental health challenges reached out and as a result, I made some good friends and didn’t feel like I was battling PTSD and depression on my own… Maybe Twitter can help you too.

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if you are suffering from PTSD or another mental illness, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!

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Sparring With Anxiety

It is said that we accumulate wisdom as we age. I tend to think, for me at least that this is indeed the case. That being said, I acquired this wisdom by embarking on a personal journey to discover my authenticity, my true self that, up until recent history, I had seldom given it a thought. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sparring with anxiety.

After my first mental boxing match with, mental illness had successfully beaten me down after several rounds, I was forced to admit defeat. But like any determined fighter, I worked hard to discover, not only my own weaknesses but also, those of my opponent.

allowed my mental disorders to keep knocking me down, round after round.

When I first started to fight back, I, well, frankly; I sucked at it and like many young people, I thought I was indestructible, that nothing could whoop my ass. So my young self, naive and out of touch with, not only my illnesses but was also a stranger to my true self. I was nothing more than a template that society had formed and moulded.

Get a job, get married, buy a house, you know the drill. I didn’t seem to fit the mould of social expectation and my anxiety hated the “me” that was nothing but a factory model of thousands that had come before and after me. My young self was ill-equipped to deal with the mental illnesses storm that was on the horizon. My coping tool? Tuck and roll and plow through it. We are not allowed to seek shelter from our “perfect life,” So I allowed my mental disorders to keep knocking me down, round after round.

Slowly, I was enveloped by anxiety and depression. It would take tens years to win the fight but up until then, it didn’t only whip my ass, it knocked me out cold. Sad, I had waited until I hit the canvas and ended up in a mental health crisis before I was forced to take a look at why I was losing the war.

I started knocking mental illness to its knees.

The more I got defeated, the more I hit the mat, the more I was forced to get to know who I was as a person and the force that ruled over my life.

Despite losing match after match, I kept right on sparring with my anxiety and depression until I could predict their moves and exploit their weakness.

My, Breaking away from what’s expected and learning to love and accept that I have a sensitive disposition, am a helper to my core and live off compassion. I love being creative and believe that love is the life force in all of us. Once I gave myself permission to explore the real me, I started knocking mental illness to its knees.

In my wisdom, I know that I will always have to fight on and that I will win some days and lose others but because I am edging closer and closer to my authenticate self, sparring with my anxiety and depression is taken on with more vigour and determination than ever.
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If you are suffering from PTSD, please reach out. I thank you for your service and you are still worthy and mean something. I believe in you!
If you are struggling please go here: Crisis Services Canada
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