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Tag: Anxiety disorder

Friends for life

Friends For Life

Friends for Life: A Cognitive Behavioural Program to Prevent the Onset of Mental Health Disorders. A program about early intervention.

We can do better

We can do and we must do better.

People are understandably anxious to have life get back to normal, but was our old normal good for us? I think we can do and we must do better.

Walking my way to mental wellness.

Didn’t See It Coming.

Didn’t see it coming: As if anxiety and PTSD weren’t enough, major depressive disorder too? Out of all my mental health conditions, the one I never thought was an option […]

A side effect

A Side Effect

A few months ago I met with a chap who opened up to me and told me he had suffered from anxiety for a very long time. I sat and […]


    The wider world around us is rich with the potential for danger and destruction – and like an animal in the wild, I am on constant high-alert. Although […]


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