Mental Health

How are you feeling in the moment?

How are you feeling in the moment should take precedence over the myth that happiness is a permanent fixture in our lives.

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Covid 19, Mental Health, PTSD

What’s wrong with that guy?

It’s enviable when you see someone angry, you automatically think, “What’s wrong with that guy?” But sometimes anger is unavoidable.

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Major Depressive Disorder, Mental Health, PTSD

What lies at the center

The other day, a friend kindly pointed out that my battle with PTSD is not a sprint but rather a long and painful marathon. While I know this to be true, those words resonated with me. As a result, it got me thinking about what lies at the center of my mental illnesses. Over the […]

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Fire Service, PTSD

The Mental-Health Work Injury

Not all wounds are physical, the mental health work injury known as PTSD can be very debilitating. A reality that can take years to heal.

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