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Media Inquiries/ Speaking engaugements


Media Inquiries/ Speaking engagements

Media Inquiries/ Speaking engaugements

Book Publications

Lemonade Stand Vol III


Lemonade Stand Vol. III is a book that I helped co-author. It tells the story of 20 authors who have PTSD and are from the military and emergency services. It’s goal? To put a dent in mental illness stigma whist letting people know that they are not alone in their fight. Yoc can pick up your copy on Amazon

The Road To Mental Wellness

Take a trip down my mental wellness road and find yourself as you learn to overcome your own life-long battle with mental illness.


If you have a friend or loved one fighter for their own mental wellness, The Road To Mental Wellness is a must read to help you understand their fight.

Finally, this book demonstrates to the reader the importance of mental wellness

Speaking Enagements

Jonathan speaking at the 

Stop Depression Summit


 On February 23, 2023

His talk was on the ways in which you can take back your life when you have trauma and major depressive disorder

How can you achieve mental wellness? Watch Jonathan's appearance and find out

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ELEMCEE Consultancy

ELEMCEE Consultancy are experts in getting women unstuck and onto their true potential through unlocking their limiting beliefs. We offer you a space to identify your purpose and align daily actions to reach your potential through Clarity Coaching and Training.


Jonathan Appeared on their livecast on October 4th 2022


Speaking Engagements

Video Interviews

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Jonathan spoke at the LEAD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. A mental health organization based out of Nigeria.

Their tireless efforts have made a huge difference in the lives of so many there. I am so proud to have been a small part of it.

Podcast Appearances

A New Dawn Podcast

A New Dawn - With host Dawnette Brenner

We dialogue about mental illness to humanize it world-wide at “A New Dawn,”


The New Dawn Podcast was my first-ever podcast appearance and has been one of my best experiences to date. 

Thank You so much dawn for the motivation to keep going 

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The Depression File With Al Levin


The Depression Files with Al Levin, an amazing mental health advocate that centres his podcast around Men’s mental health. With that said, he talks about depression with everyone from mental health professionals to those suffering from this debilitating mental health condition.


I was both proud and honoured to be on his show. Checkout my episode with him below,


Above Ground Podcast

Being on the Above Ground Podcast was an amazing time, I had a great interview with the fellas I only hope I get another invite to come back sometime. 


Go have a listen and you'll understand why I want to go back.

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Radio Show Appearances

News 95.7 

In 2020, Jonathan Appeared on NEWS 95.7 On the Sheldon McCloud Show to take about PTSD in the fire service and more.... Have a listen below.

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Jonathan In The News

Jonathan's interview with the paper, Halifax Today
News article about Jonathan Arenburg and his book, the road to mental wellness
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