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Rally Point Retreat

Rally Point Retreat

Rally Point Retreat is the Canadian Premier Peer Support Facility, sitting  on 320 acres of mostly wooded paradise.The main lodge is 6700 sqft consisting of common areas, a library, a media room, and two guest bedroom suites; one with two queen size beds and an ensuite with shower, and the other with a king size bed and a double/twin bunkbed, with a shared full bathroom.


  • Sit and chat;
  • Read;
  • Listen to music;
  • Art;
  • Exercise;
  • Play games:ping pong;
  • Pool;
  • Darts;
  • Large Kitchen / home cooked meals.
  • Board games;
  • and a hot tub!

Want to donate? Go to: Rally Point Retreat

Rally Point Retreat


Rally Point Retreat provides a quiet, safe, and relaxing, rural setting on Nova Scotia’s South Shore as a respite for essential services members in treatment for CIS/CSI/OSI/OSIS/PTSD to regroup themselves and reconnect with their families, to prevent further collateral damage from


Contributing writer to Josh’s latest book Project, Lemonade Stand Vol. III; a book about folks with military and emergency service backgrounds who have PTSD. Together they talk about their struggles with it, hoping to help others deal with this debilitating mental health disorder.

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The i’Mpossible project

The i’Mpossible project is an organization that designs curriculums, books, seminars, workshops, plays and more, all in an effort to normalize suicide prevention and minimize stigma surrounding mental illness.

Josh Rivedal, the CEO, and creator of the i’Mpossibe project, has travelled the world speaking on mental health issues and suicide.

Lemonade Stand vol

Lemonade Stand Vol. III is a book that I helped co-author. It tells the story of twenty authors who have PTSD and are from the military and emergency services. It’s goal? To put a dent in mental illness stigma whist letting people know that they are not alone in their fight.

Average Jane Photography

Angelina Obritsch is my photographer of choice for my book projects. Why? Because Her eye for that perfect shot is amazing.

Fuelled by her artistic passion, her goal is to tell your story through Visual representation, a goal that she is highly successful at.

Located On the South Shore of Nova Scotia, you can see her stunning work at her website: Average Jane Photography.

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Sheldon and I discuss the release of Lemonade Stand Vol. III. Have a listen below.


Men Are Nuts — Podcast

Men Are Nuts Podcast is a Mental health podcast that discusses mental health issues in society with a variety of guests…. It was an honour to appear on this cast. Have a listen to my interview by clicking the link below.

Men Are Nuts with John Arenburg.

The Depression Files With Al Levin – Podcast

The Depression Files with Al Levin, an amazing mental health advocate that centres around Men’s mental health. I was proud and honoured to be on his show. Checkout my episode with him below,

The Depression Files — My interview.

A New Dawn Podcast

We dialogue about mental illness to humanize it world-wide at “A New Dawn,”

Have a listen to my First ever podcast with A New Dawn. You can have a listen here Episode 31 with John Arenburg


Articles I’ve written for others

Sick Not WeakA non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for all things mental illness related.

Check out my contributing articles.

Men, we have a problem. (Published, June 26, 2019)


PTSD AND THE STARTLE RESPONSE. (Published, May 24, 2019)

saltwire Publications — Mental Health Talk

(Newspaper column)

The Waiting Game

My long journey with PTSD, depression and anxiety has been so mentally crippling that I have had little choice but to leave my place of work and seek treatment. Although the road to mental wellness has been a painful one, the helper in me must reach out and help other mental illness sufferers.

Jonathan Arenburg — Portfolio. Take a look at the people and organizations I have collaborated with, let’s end the stigma.