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You can’t ignore PTSD

While I fought tooth and nail to shove everything way down, I would come to learn the hard way that You can’t ignore PTSD.

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Emergency Service PTSD

Emergency Service PTSD, after all the tragedies we’ve seen, it can be difficult to nail down the cause of this mental health injury.

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PTSD and Its Startle Response

PTSD and Its Startle Response is by far one of the most difficult symptoms to manage…but I do my best. We just must keep fighting on.

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My PTSD Earned With DISTINCTION The wider world around us is rich with the potential for danger and destruction. Therefore, like an animal in the wild, I am on constant high-alert. Although my fire-service years are far behind me now, they are far from a distant memory. On the contary, my emergency-service mindset is as […]

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The Great Mental Illness Paradox

Late last year the Canadian government announced that it passed legislation to expand medically assisted death (MAID). And what did it expand in the MAID laws? A person’s right to die if they suffer from mental illness. However, there is a problem and it’s called the great mental illness paradox. What is this paradox and why medically assisted suicide for people with mental illness may be a huge mistake.

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Why Our Children Have Mental Illness?

Why Our Children Have Mental Illness? – Are we doing more harm to our children by structing their worlds as if they were adults? Maybe understanding what children really need can help minimize mental illness.

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