This could be the key to moving FORWARD

This could be the key to moving forward. Let your passion be your guide to true fulfilment and happiness. Don’t wait, follow your passions now and find your true happiness.

for many years, I spent my life in fear of what other people would think if I followed my true passion in life. Now, in my mid-40s, I’ve decided but I would walk away from this internal script and follow my dream of being a writer. So, an early fall of 2019, I started The Road To Mental Wellness to save myself from myself. While I pursued my dream and an attempt to alleviate my mental pain, my advice is to never let life get to the point where you need to work it out. You should listen to your passion. For this could be the key to moving forward in a life full of what you love, not merely going to work. You got this!

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I will never bend to its will

I will never bend to it’s will

I will never bend to its will, to my mental illness. These things help me stay on top of the fight

Just days ago I celebrated my forty-fifth birthday. With another year tacked on in this one way trip, I can’t help but reflect on my life. I suppose natural as we age and as far as I can tell, it’s a good thing.

Of course, I find my first thought being that of, “where did the time go.” I mean, man, I’m keeping close to living half a century.

Even though many people find this though stressful, I, on the other hand am damn lucky to be here. For I have very nearly opted to end my life-long struggle with my taxing mental pain. However, I often here myself saying, “I will never bend to its will.

By this I mean, I will keep fighting depresson’s speak, anxiety insistence that it wants to be my friend, and PTSD, well, F@#$ you too! Luckily, I have built a great support system, both through personal connection and professional help.

Ways to alleviate mental illness

It goes almost without saying that this is the foundation for my resolve; because of them, I will keep moving forward. At the same time, I know that I may never escape from the long arm of my mental health conditions; it’s imperative that I am honest with myself about that. Yes, I will have episodes of depression, traumatic episodes too, but I accept that.

The question for me then became; How do I manage these mental illness episodes?

Much to my relief, it turns out that a lot can be done.

For starters, exercise is what I call mother nature’s medication for me. Hitting the gym four days a week is an amazing mood booster. Not only does it boost my mood, it gives me energy to boot.

benefits of exercise

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What this does for me is hold me accountable to ensure that I will never bow to its will, this painful thing called mental illness.

Additionally, I have found mindfulness to be a lifesaver in a sense; although I must admit that the noise of the outside world overruns my attempts to be “in the moment”. Despite this, I find it successful when in low to moderate stimulation.


Perhaps one of the most beneficial things that help me cope is a good diet. Despite knowing that, on the surface, I know eating well is good for you; I personally failed to see just how well a balanced diet works to alleviate mental illness symptoms… It really is transformational.

So, there you have it, the three main tools I implement to minimize my depressive and PTSD episodes. Why not try for yourself and see?

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If you are struggling please go here for help: Crisis Services Canada

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This could be the key to moving FORWARD
This could be the key to moving forward. Let your passion be …

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