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The Road To Mental Wellness

Take a trip down my mental wellness road and find yourself as you learn to overcome your own life-long battle with mental illness.


If you have a friend or loved one fighter for their own mental wellness, The Road To Mental Wellness is a must read to help you understand their fight.

8 five-star reviews

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The Road To Mental Wellness





"you're not alone on your Road To Mental Wellness.”


Learn how to manage and even overcome mental illness.




- Jonathan

8 five star reviews

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Who is Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan Arenburg is a counselor, mental health blogger, speaker, writer, and published author; He is also the host of the mental wellness podcast, #thewellnesstalks. He has also consulted with the Government of Nova Scotia and Candidates for the New Democratic Party of Canada, on improving the mental health care system in Canada.

He has also appeared in the i'Mpossible's Lemonade Stand III. He has also been a contributing writer for Mental health talk, a column in his local paper. In addition, he has also written for the mental health advocacy organization; Sick Not Weak. (read more)

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8 five star reviews

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