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Men, we have a problem. (Published, June 26, 2019)

A deep-seated, long-standing practice of remaining silent about our mental health.
This “tough guy” facade is killing us. Therefore, we owe it to everyone we love, to those who have an emotional investment in our lives to overcome the idea that we can handle or mental pain on our own…
To recognize mental health month in the U.S., I have decided to write about the silence of men.
This pervasive fear to discuss the inner pain among men is, so I believe, a long-standing tradition embedded in men. The traditional man code states “he shall not speak for he will be seen as weak…..”
PTSD AND THE STARTLE RESPONSE. (Published May 24, 2019)
I am lucky, every morning when I open my eyes to greet a new day I do so with a blank slate. I could have had the worst mental illness flare up the day before and still feel grateful and renewed the next day. The exception being when the PTSD nightmares come for me in my slumber. Then I start my day with a rapid heartbeat and fear that plagues me for a good part of the day.
With this blank slate I do my best to map out a day of normalcy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be full of joy but I always try to head in a direction that allows me to conduct the everyday tasks that come with living. Taking care of chores, paying bills, making appointments and meeting up with friends. My end goal is not to let PTSD imprison me in my own home for fear of what potential emergency could be lurking just around the corner…

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