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Category: PTSD

the what's wrong scanner

The What’s Wrong Scanner

Then, the what's wrong scanner booted up. Have you ever gone along feeling mentally pain free then, BAM! you feel like you should worry, so then you do?

Where you put your energry

Where You Put Your Energy

Where you put your energy can make a big difference on your healing and propel you down your own road to mental wellness.

Love and Loath

Love and to loathe

The fire service and I suspect it's true of all emergency services, it's both really easy to both love and loath, all at the same time.

Where's my glasses

Where Are My Glasses?

Have you ever asked yourself; “where's my glasses?” Is it near constant? IF you have PTSD, this could be the reason why.

Trending buzz words

Trending Buzzwords?

Trending buzz words? Are we ever going to be able to keep the topic of mental illness on the top of societies priority list?

Ptsd and its startle response

PTSD and Its Startle Response

PTSD and Its Startle Response is by far one of the most difficult symptoms to manage...but I do my best. We just must keep fighting on.

light art dark sign

Face To Face With My Mental Illness

Face To Face With My Mental Illness This time last year I came face to face with my mental illness. I had reached the tipping point as it were, the […]

stylish concentrated man looking in mirror in bathroom

Going Against Your Grain

Can going against your grain really get you what you want? Or will you end up feeling more anxiety because of it? Do what you love.


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