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Category: PTSD

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Break free from PTSD

The nightmares persist, the flashbacks continue, and my hypervigilance is king. Mo matter what I do, I can't seem to break free from PTSD

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Unlocking your potential

Always remember, you are always more than you think you are, unlocking your potential will prove this to you. Focus on the now, Here's how.

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I knew it years before the diagnosis

I was your atypical firefighter, in tough and in denial. I knew my injury was getting worse, but I was about to tell anyone that...... Until PTSD made it, so it was do or die. In fact, knew it years before the diagnosis

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What I’ve Learned from Writing a Book

Here's what I've learned from writing a book...... One, it's soooo much work; writing, writing and you guessed it, more writing. Find out what else I learned by becoming an author.

I treasure my own company

I treasure my own company

I treasure my own company, in fact, I love it. But is it really me that wants to remain a recluse, or is it PTSD and Depression?

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness

This my fellow citizen of earth is the reason I feel like mental health awareness month is vitally important. Solidary is the solution.

It's just easier

It’s Just Easier

I remember the days of old when the world wasn’t such a scary place. I thought nothing of the environment around me, had the music up high, the gatherings loud […]


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