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Category: Mental Health

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Mental health first aid

Mental health first aid - penning my book provided it. Selling it though? Well, I'm going to need a ton more of it to make it through.

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A reason to get out of bed

Have mental illness but are manging it well? What's been a good reason to get out of bed? For me, writing my book gave me purpose

I am who I am or am I?

I am who I am or am I?

I am who I am or am I? Can the way we define ourselves be confused for who we really are? Or are they simply defence mechanisms to guard our true selves?

surface level thinking

Surface-Level Thinking

Can our tendency toward surface level thinking be hindering our mental illness recovery? Perhaps we need to dig deeper?

I can see the light

I can see the light!

Finally, after all these years of fighting depression and PTSD, I can see the light. It may be a pin sized ray of light, but it's a start.

woman holding her head

My emotions devour my reason

My emotions devour my reason. Here, I discuss one of the most necessary things for improving relationships and as well as your mental health.


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