Mental health crisis.

Mental health crisis. -It's important to invest in mental health care itself, there are countless…

In life, do whatever it takes

Do whatever it takes - Having spent years in the #emergencyservices, I know first-hand what…

Anchor Points

We all need anchor points in our lives, those who #love and care for our…

Que Sera, Sera

Que Sera, Sera - After my fight against depression, I was looking for happiness and…

The need for neutrality

It’s no secret that social media is a modern wild-west of sorts. A fact that…

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Young women highlighted in a crowd looknig depressed.

Hidden Disability

Can we really say, we have a hidden disability? Here's what I think. invisible or uneducated?

Jonathan on cover of his book, the road to mental wellness.

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Now, I want to give everyone a chance to hear a recorded sound bite. So, if you like what you hear, look down below to find out where you can purchase it.. So, why not take a trip down my mental wellness road and find yourself as you learn attempt to overcome your own life-long battle with mental illness. 

Listen to a portion of chapter one of my book, The Road To Mental Wellness. If you like what you have heard, you can order your copy of the book in full at or on:


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5 Ways To Improve your Mental Health

Hang in There

You are more than you think you are

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