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Sept 5, 2021,


My new book, The Road To Mental Wellness is ready to be released! Date to Be announced. To celebrate, I am giving the first chapter away for FREE!  Download - Monster A Precursor For Illness  below! 

What readers had to say about The Road To Mental Wellness

"Trevor said this about the first chapter of The Road To Mental Wellness:
"The sequence in which you describe your childhood experiences and simultaneously explain the impacts they had on you is very engaging. The way in which you revealed the events was deeply enlightening. Very profound work. Well done.!"

Trevor OpioTrevor OpioReader/Reviewer

"The book made me go into the shoes of the writer and yet feeling that somehow I may have been in the same situation at some points in my life in a different context. The vivid storytelling of his experiences helped me as a primary school teacher understand on another's point of view how my pupils would be suffering at their tender age".

Jayine OcampoJayine OcampoPrimary School Teacher

Testimonial 2

John SmithJohn SmithCEO

Testimonial 3

John SmithJohn SmithCEO

'Exceptionally written, highly motivational and thought provoking read! With the writers perspective vivid in your mind and truly captivating you by leading you through his journey, enterwined with messages of hope and endearing persistence, he's telling you of the raw while showing you the strength it's taken. This book truly shows the power of taking control of your mental health journey and never giving up!'

Kaitlyn WalkerKaitlyn WalkerReader

It was an amazing conference with the LEAD project last Sunday. Please check them out! an amazing and inspiring organization.

Order Lemonade Stand Vol. III

$17 CAD.00

E-book version $ 5.00 CAD

20 authors with PTSD tell their story!

     The Road To Mental Wellness - the book 

    But you can get the first chapter -FREE

    the road to mental wellness

    Jonathan Arenburg, Founder and Chief Content Creator for The Road To Mental Wellness

    The Road To Mental Wellness was originally created to tell my story - that of depression, anxiety and PTSD. Its goal? To help as many people, along with my own mental wellness journey, as possible.


    Now, in 2021, we are excited to be moving towards all things mental wellness- related. From fitness to nutrition, to fighting the stigma to coaching. Our plan is to evolve into a safe place for everyone who's struggling. This, of course, includes those who struggle to understand mental illness.


    If you would like to become a regular writer for The Road To Mental Wellness, please contact us. We'd love to share your story, your expertise and most of all, your passion for helping others.

    #thementalwellnesstalks - Podcast

    I get asked all the time, when will your road to mental wellness end? Well, as it turns out, the answer is far from strait forward.

    Lemonade Stand Vol III

    Jonathan at a book signing for Lemonade Stand Vol. III

    "One of the most comforting and therapeutic tools that can be given to someone suffering (yes suffering) from Depression, Anxiety and other forms of Mental Illness, is to know that they are not alone; that others have felt what, and as they do; that what they are feeling is real; and above all, that there is a “road to wellness”. Well done John. You’ve helped to provide this tool".

    Anne Reade - Anne Reade - RN

    Abbey's verdict - Blog review of "The road to mental wellness by John Arenburg"

    The road to mental wellness is a mental health blog by John Arenburg chronicling his personal experiences with living with PTSD and other mental illnesses. This blog is one that seems to create hope for any and everyone going through illnesses they cannot talk to others about it. But not only does it create hope it helps create awareness especially to the issue of PTSD among emergency workers like firefighters etc that is not usually talked about.

    Reading through this blog is almost like living through the blogger's life, his ability to be so transparent with what he has gone through and is still going through is brave and commendable. So far, I've enjoyed every part of this blog and learned so much as well.

     John is currently compiling his own experiences into two books which will combine his powerful writing abilities and also his experience with coping with PTSD.

    This is one blog anyone interested in mental health should be sure to read and follow.

    AbbeyAbbeyAbbey is a mental health blogger and book reviewer. She is the writer behind the blog,that features mental health content, book reviews and music reviews as well. She can also be found on Twitter

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    Rally Point Retreat, Nova Scotia, Canada

    • Counsellor and Wellness Coach
    • Will Provide One on One Coaching/Counselling - Online Only At This Time
    • Published Author
    • 15 Year Fire Service Veteran
    • 18 Years Working With People With Mental Illness, Mental and Physical Disabilities, As Well As Behavioural Difficulties
    • Mental Health Advocate

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