Mental Illness

Mental Illness is not an easy subject for everyone to understand, nonetheless, it is real and tough to live with. Regardless, you can learn.

When mental illness catches up

When Mental Illness Catches Up

As of late, my depressive and traumatic episodes have been really intense. Even so, when mental illness catches up, I know it's temporary

I ignored the signs of mental illness.

I ignored the signs of mental illness.

A message for all my fire service colleagues and you too. IF you’ve ignored the signs of mental illness., it could spell trouble down the road. In my last post, […]

Politics and Mental Illness

Politics and Mental Illness

Is politics bad for our mental health or is our lack of engagement the issue? Maybe it’s both? Unless you’ve been living on Mars, it should come as no surprise […]


Gratitude and Mental Illness

Is being grateful a cure mental Illness, or are they two entirely different things? Here I discuss how I feel about the "Just be grateful" statement.

Our Mental Illness Is Real

Our mental illness is real. Here I lay out my argument. It’s no secret that one of the biggest battles for people with mental illness is the stigma – a […]

sometimes mental illness wins

Mental Illness: Sometimes It Wins

    Since the beginning of September, I have been participating in a coping-skills group. The whole goal? To arm you with tools to help guide you through the things […]

Mental Illness and EXHAUSTION

Personally, I find very little difference between overextending one’s self physically and when one exceeds their tolerances mentally. The end result is the same – exhaustion – when one has […]