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Author Jonathan Arenburg Presents:

The Road To Mental Wellness 

TRTMW - “What they didn’t understand, is that behaviour always happens for a reason and that reason. What is

t’s difficult to say when my dance with the mental illness devil began. I think back to being around four years old, when I had this thing about holding the doors

open for people. It was almost like a contest with myself to see how much I could do it and how helpful I could be. “I will, I will!” But now I’m wondering if I was opening the door to something terrible, dark and unseen, something that would almost destroy my life – and certainly change it forever.

And it was invisible. I’m sure that had I been able to see it, I would have slammed the door shut, even at four years old. If it had claws, a long scaly tail, terrible teeth, angry eyes, mouth breathing stinking fire…yes, I like to think that even at that tender age, my instinct would have been to stop it coming in.

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Jonathan ArenburgJonathan ArenburgAuthor of The Road To Mental Wellness
Author Jonathan Arenburg on the cover of his book, The Road To Mental Wellness
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