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So, do you wear the world like a coat, 10 signs you’re a highly sensitive person and why being highly sensitive is amazing!

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If this sounds like you, you could be more sensitive than the majority. In other words, you’re like a sponge, soaking up all the sad stories you encounter and feeling the sometimes not so good vibes in a room.

And if that weren’t enough, like a strong magnetic force, you attract those who seem to be experiencing the most pain. These seemingly unwanted burdens may mean you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Often, being an HSP can weigh one down like someone wearing a lead vest getting an x-ray. Not only does it feel constantly heavy and dreadful, by it can also make one question themselves as a person.

“Why am I always wearing everyone else’s problems? If I were someone else, maybe my life would be different.”

I’m willing to bet that if this is you, you’ve wondered why you are suffering yourself.

Well, it would probably come as no surprise to hear that they’re often higher rates of anxiety among highly-sensitive people.

highly-sensitive people and rates of anxiety.

The highly sensitive person makes up roughly 20% of the population. With a sensitivity to noise, a tendency to overthink, and being easily overwhelmed, it can amplify feelings of depression and good old-fashioned hurt.

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Something worth thinking about.

Being kind or over attentive, can make you a target for bullies and others at the ready to abuse your good nature. This can, understandably make you think about whether you want to be who they are.

I mean, can you blame them? If everyone sees your qualities as a weakness, it might make you want to be more like them.

However, would you like to take on the persona of a bully? Or intentionally take advantage of another person? I’m willing to hazard a guess that you are not willing to be that type of person.

I mean, if you’re a decent human being, why would you want to be a jerk?

So, I think it’s important for any highly sensitive person, or just a good person in general, to embrace who they are. While it may seem mentally excruciating at times, there are a lot of great things to being highly sensitive.

The strengths of being highly sensitive.

Being highly sensitive is an invaluable trait that comes with many advantages. HSPs are known to be highly observant, intuitive, thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, conscientious, loyal, and creative. In fact, managers consistently rate people with higher sensitivity as their top contributors.

With those who possess the above-mentioned qualities, it’s hard to imagine on what planet, these traits would be anything but amazing!

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Personally, I would rather be in HSP, and experienced some level of mental pain, then be one who takes and otherwise sucks the positive energy out of the world.

While it may be difficult to live with these gifts, there are nonetheless, ways in which you can minimize the damage to your mental wellbeing.

10 Helpful ways to manage the world when you’re highly sensitive.

  1. Practice self-care: make sure to take care of your physical and emotional needs by getting enough sleep, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.
  2. Limit exposure to overwhelming stimuli: avoid overstimulating environments, such as loud noises or bright lights, and set boundaries when it comes to social interactions and media consumption.
  3. Learn mindfulness techniques: meditation, yoga, or deep breathing can help you stay centered and grounded in the present moment.
  4. Connect with others: join a support group for highly sensitive people or seek out therapy to help you process and manage your emotions.
  5. Set boundaries: it’s important to learn to say no to requests and demands that are too much for you to handle.
  6. Prioritize alone time: highly sensitive people often need alone time to recharge and process their emotions.
  7. Avoid multitasking: highly sensitive people tend to get overwhelmed when they try to do too many things at once.
  8. Create a peaceful environment: your surroundings can greatly affect your mood, so make sure your living and work spaces are comfortable and calming.
  9. Identify triggers: pay attention to what sets off your feelings of overwhelm and try to avoid those situations or learn how to cope with them.
  10. Practice self-compassion: be kind and understanding with yourself, and remember that being highly sensitive is a unique trait, not a weakness.

At the end of the day, if you adhere to these practices, you can manage a world that is not exactly compatible with who you are. Nevertheless, the world needs you. Additionally, if you need a boost, the top 10 list below will help you love the skin you’re in.

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Top 10 more strengths of being a highly sensitive person.

  1. High empathy and ability to connect with others.
  2. Strong intuition and ability to pick up on subtle cues.
  3. Deep understanding of one’s own emotions and those of others.
  4. Keen sense of aesthetics and appreciation for beauty.
  5. High level of conscientiousness and attention to detail.
  6. Ability to process information thoroughly and critically.
  7. Strong sense of morality and personal values.
  8. Increased creativity and sensitivity to art and music.
  9. Ability to be emotionally and spiritually attuned.
  10. Greater capacity for self-reflection and personal growth.

So, do you wear the world like a coat, if these top 10 things sound like you, congratulations, your amazing! Remember this: Learn to love thy self.

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