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The Road To Mental Wellness – 2022 – There’s no getting around it; life is not easy. With that in mind, what path you take really does matter. Read on…

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When one decides to start their journey down the road to mental wellness, they must do so knowing that there is no quick fix. Furthermore, if you started your quest for better mental well-being thinking you can take short cuts, you may end up where you started. This is why I coined my book and blog, the road to mental wellness. Going off road isn’t good.

Why, though? Well, anytime I have tried to take a shortcut on my way forward, I enviably got lost. Sadly, this always ended up with new challenges to overcome. And sometimes, I went so far astray, I wondered if it was the end. Something I like to call a state of negative chaos

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We all seek happiness, and when something like PTSD disrupts our lives, we can go off the rails seeking relief. While we just want the pain to end, doing things like drugs and drinking alcohol do more harm than good. Again, seeking relief by going on the road to what will make life more fulfilling is tough but ultimately more sustainable.

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Yes, the road to finding a better you is hard. Without question. But then again, so is spinning your tires in the mud going nowhere, waking up from a fog or a hangover. So, when you think about it, both paths are extremely difficult. However, only one gets you where you need to be, on the road to mental wellness.

Therefore, if both are exceedingly difficult, yet both are meant to manage our mental pain, why not choose life? After all, you want the pain to end, not your life. I know – I struggle with this every day too.

Regardless of your struggles, working on optimizing your health will pay off. The key ways to this are listed in the link below,

5 ways to maximize your mental health.

The road to success

Don’t let those “Gurus” fool you. There is no easy fix, no “do this one thing.” There just isn’t. In short, life is hard, always has been and always will be. It simply comes down to which difficulty do you want to choose? The fork in the road that takes you to a happier you, or one that promises a life of misery and negative chaos?

With that said, the long-haul approach can do amazing things that drugs and alcohol just can’t.


A road to mental wellness looks like:

Better health = more smiles with those you love.
More smiles = more happy memories
Ultimately, more amazing memories = more reasons to keep going down the road to mental wellness.

Jonathan Arenburg

The best part of choosing this route? You’ll have the opportunity to gravitate towards those you love and make meaningful contributions to their lives. Conversely, when we chose dulling down our mental pain on an isolating trail of booze, the opposite is true.

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Learn to Manage and Thrive

  • His lifelong battle with depression
  •  The benefits of exercise
  • How to start to overcome the dread and exhaustion of depression
  • How small steps make huge differences
  • Scientifically backed techniques to help minimize depression, anxiety, and PTSD’s effects
  • How to set boundaries with yourself when you have a mental health condition·
  • How to optimize living your life with these debilitating mental illnesses.
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A good life is like a relay race, only you are running with your future self. Each stage of it, your choice to heal, motivates you to pass the baton and go even further…and so on. The goal in the end? To live and to love, to deal with your pain and be supported.

Jonathan Arenburg.

May your arduous work and love accumulate on your journey, and may it set you free.

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If you are struggling, please go here for help: Talk Suicide Canada

The Road To Mental Wellness – 2022 – copyright 2022

Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan Reginald-Nixon Arenburg (Born January 14, 1976) is a Canadian mental health blogger, speaker, and published author. Retired from the fire service and long-term care fields, he has written and self-published an autobiographical account of his life-long battle with anxiety, depression and more recently, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Titled, The Road To Mental Wellness, he wrote it for what he calls “therapeutic release.” He published it in hopes it would help others going through similar mental health conditions. The sales of The Road To Mental Wellness have been steady selling over 300 copies since its release on October 10, 2021(World Mental Health Day). Arenburg has also been involved in a collaborative publication Called Lemonade Stand Volume III, a book featuring 20 authors who bravely tell their stories of PTSD. All authors where from the military and or emergency services. Published by Joshua Rivedal and Kathleen Myers for the i’Mpossible project, a mental health advocacy organization. Jonathan has also appeared on several mental health podcasts including The Depression Files, A New Dawn, and The Above Ground Podcast Arenburg has also consulted with the Government of Nova Scotia and the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, the Honorable Brian Comer and Candidates for the New Democratic Party of Canada, on improving the mental health care system in Canada. Additionally, Jonathan was recognized in The Nova Scotia Legislature by the Honorable, Chris Palmer, Kings-North MLA, for his Book, The Road To Mental Wellness, his fight to make the mental health care system better. In addition, Chis acknowledged the support he gives to others.

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