Mental health and Weight

Mental health and Weight – We don’t often talk about it. It is often shameful or taboo to talk about, but society tends to judge us on our appearance.

Dawn Jewell (she/her)
Dawn Jewell (she/her)

Dawn Jewell was raised in Nova Scotia. She is a writer, and advocate for health. She worked as a Policy Researcher for Physicians Services and many community health boards. A lifelong Epileptic, she is well versed in the ups and downs of mental health and what it takes to get the message across.

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We don’t often talk about it. It is often shameful or taboo to talk about, but society tends to judge us on our appearance.

Research shows that people are discriminated because of their weight. This brings on a negative feeling of low self-worth and maybe even self-harm. Society feels if you are overweight you are not ambitious, you are lazy, and even….unintelligent.

Is it any wonder why mental health issues have skyrocketed? Putting unrealistic statistical guidelines to forge a way to a utopia that doesn’t exist, and expect to be happy? We need to realize everybody’s body is unique and could in fact be healthy. This also goes back to more statistical information to attract funders. What you see is being funded.

Our bodies are our own and unless you ask why we are what we are, don’t judge.

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dawnjewell1 (she/her)

I am a writer, community activist and political scientist. I have worked in health policy and have seen, and experienced, mental health issues. I have epilepsy which has made me tailor my life and career for the best health options. My goal is to aid in the conversations of mental health and wellness.

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