One glass two glass three glass more…

One glass, two glass three glass more – We have all heard ‘Is the glass half full or half empty’, but what if we have more than one glass?

Dawn Jewell (she/her)
Dawn Jewell (she/her)

Dawn Jewell was raised in Nova Scotia. She is a writer, and advocate for health. She worked as a Policy Researcher for Physicians Services and many community health boards. A lifelong Epileptic, she is well versed in the ups and downs of mental health and what it takes to get the message across.

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A strange analogy, but we have a tendency to think quantity is better than quality. Having ‘more’ was once a sign of status quo. But how does this affect our mental health? Well, by putting expectations on ourselves to be able to stay ‘afloat’ we are inevitably putting stress and unneeded expectations ourselves. This can have a domino effect throughout our personal lives. Further, the more we strive for what others think is greatness without finding out what we think is greatness the harder it is to keep going.

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However, if you are not able to leave your home in fear someone is judging you based on your clothing, we as a society has hit an all-time low. Everything is ‘ok’ if we wear leather sneakers or brand shoes, but what stressors are in place to get those? Are we not happy with half a glass? Do we have to have more than one? Who gets to decide someone’s happiness? Ultimately, your happiness is guided by your desires and dreams not someone else’s’. A generational gap has contributed to this because what was once obtainable and acceptable has now changed. So now, nor are we stuck trying to prove our greatness to our family and friends, the work world has brought us back to square one. The beginning.

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We have to acknowledge ourselves and our strength through this. What we are able to do cannot be measured by someone else’s idea of success. Our mental health and well-being can only be guided by ourselves.

One glass, two glass three glass more – We have all heard ‘Is the glass half full or half empty’, but what if we have more than one glass?

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dawnjewell1 (she/her)

I am a writer, community activist and political scientist. I have worked in health policy and have seen, and experienced, mental health issues. I have epilepsy which has made me tailor my life and career for the best health options. My goal is to aid in the conversations of mental health and wellness.

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