Are you enough?

I often see the phrase “You are enough.” Are you or could you have untapped potential?

Jonathan Arenburg
Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan is a mental health blogger, published author, and speaker. He has appeared in numerous newspapers and has been a guest on many podcasts.

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Jonathan Arenburg
Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan is a mental health blogger, published author, and speaker. He has appeared in numerous newspapers and has been a guest on many podcasts.

Are you enough? I often see “You are enough” splashed all over social media. So much so, I have put it in the category of a trending buzzword. While this is a great way to try inspiring people, I want to expand on it.

Firstly, I love seeing memes and the like with this: “Are you enough?” From my perspective, the more I see those who attempt to inspire others, the better I feel about humanity.

With this in mind, I both agree with it and disagree. I know what you are thinking – “Jonathan, what is there to disagree with?”

Well, my short answer is, “Nothing that will stop the world from turning.”

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Rather, I would say, that I would like to go a step further and ask; “You may be enough, but – can you be more?” In my view, the answer is most certainly yes!

So, in my view, the phrase, “Are you enough?” should be seen as your foundation for building a better you. Moreover, if one embraces the ‘basement,’ if you will, they can expect to remain idle.

  • Never stop learning
  • Look after your health
  • Do your best to help others

In my last post, you are more than you think you are, I cite some examples for personal growth. What’s I find most amazing about ways to grow, is that they are limitless in terms of their options: “just pick one.”

“But Jonathan, what if I fail at it?” Well, let me translate “What if I fail at it?” What this statement really means is, “What did I learn from it?”

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So, can you be more? Yes, you can! Not only can you be more, but you can also improve to a level that you never thought possible. How? Never stop learning, look after your health, and do your best to help others. Simple rules to live by that are as expansive as the universe itself. So then, what are you waiting for? Get out and get after it!

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Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan Arenburg is a mental health blogger, S speaker, writer, and published author; He is also the host of the mental wellness podcast, #thewellnesstalksHe has also appeared in the i'Mpossible's Lemonade Stand III. He has also been a contributing writer for Mental health talk, a column in his local paper. In addition, he has also written for the mental health advocacy organization; Sick Not Weak.Jonathan has also appeared on several mental health-related podcasts Including: A New Dawn, The Depression Files, Books and Authors, and Men Are Nuts. Since being put off work because of PTSD, Jonathan has dedicated his time to his mental wellness journey while helping others along the way.Educated as an addictions' counsellor, he has dedicated most of his professional life of eighteen years, working with those who have intellectual disabilities, behavioural challenges, and mental illness.He has also spent fifteen years in the volunteer fire service helping his community.His new book (2021), “The Road To Mental Wellness,” goes into detail about his life-long battle with depression, anxiety and more recently, PTSD. In it, he hopes to provide insight on how mental illness cultivates over a lifetime and, if not recognized and treated, how it impacts the entirety of one's life; right from childhood into the adult years. Jonathan lives with his two children in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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