I am not my illness – Living with Epilepsy

I am not my illness – Living with Epilepsy Dawn is back with a short but important post that highlights a disease many don’t talk about – Epilepsy

Dawn Jewell (she/her)
Dawn Jewell (she/her)

Dawn Jewell was raised in Nova Scotia. She is a writer, and advocate for health. She worked as a Policy Researcher for Physicians Services and many community health boards. A lifelong Epileptic, she is well versed in the ups and downs of mental health and what it takes to get the message across.

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Living with an invisible illness takes its toll. It can not be undermined or pushed aside because you can’t see it. Epilepsy is one where people assume your abilities are limited. Some cases this may be true, but for others it is a daily task of medications and work-life.

I personally have be a victim of discrimination based on what people don’t know or they assumed. In my life people assumed that I was unable, not smart, don’t stress, get rest…and so on. What ended up happening was a poor quality of life. A life dictated by others who may have had good intentions. But as a person with life long epilepsy, I have had to make adjustments for it. And, for myself, I prefer people ask me what I need. Now saying this, we recognize that just because someone has epilepsy doesn’t mean it is the same for another who also has epilepsy. This is why cookie cutter doesn’t work. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. But regardless anyone with epilepsy will say the same thing. The biggest suffrage is the mis understanding of the illness

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Additionally, we are people who can be employed, obtain an education and raise families, and some even drive. What we are not are second class citizens. We are people living our best life.

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Although Dawn’s blog post is short, it can remind us of the indvidual hardships that many people face. While her post isn’t directly about mental wellness, it is however, an illness that can be just as devastating. One can only imagine what mental pain comes to the surface. I would like to thank Dawn, not only for he contrabution to The Road To Mental Wellness, but also for her courage. Also, I want to applaud you for never goving up on yourself.

Desite your rough journey, I know your passions will guide you to your dreams.

Lots of love, Jonathan

Message from Jonathan.

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dawnjewell1 (she/her)

I am a writer, community activist and political scientist. I have worked in health policy and have seen, and experienced, mental health issues. I have epilepsy which has made me tailor my life and career for the best health options. My goal is to aid in the conversations of mental health and wellness.

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