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We all need anchor points in our lives, those who #love and care for our well-being. Find out who and what they are.
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Jonathan Arenburg
Jonathan Arenburg

Jonathan is a mental health blogger, published author, and speaker. He has appeared in numerous newspapers and has been a guest on many podcasts.

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If you were to ask me what my number one reason to continue my battle with #mentalillness is, I would have to say, those I love. Or as I like to call them, one of my main Anchor points.

What are anchor points, you ask? Well, they are those elements in my life that keep me working on my wellness journey. In other words, I am anchored to them. And that’s a get thing.

For example, my children are a huge anchor point for me. They make me “feel” and thereby, give me a reason to go to the next #therapy appointment.

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In fact, family in general are a good reason to remain on the road to mental wellness. I am one lucky guy because I have had great support over the years. And I am grateful.

I refer to the things that keep me here as anchor points because I am, well, anchored to them. Make sense? My family are my biggest anchors; however, they aren’t the only ones.

So, within the category of “reasons to keep fighting,” are many things. They include friends, therapists, and exercise, for example. So, in short, anchor points are anything you find a #passion and #purpose for.

For me, writing is a huge passion for me. While it might not be for everyone, it has been such a strong anchor that I have incorporated it into my life; A great plan, considering I can’t work due to PTSD.

Below is an example of what finding a purpose can accomplish, even if you are mentally ill. Please, check out my book, The Road To Mental Wellness below.

How to write a book

Front and back cover of the road to mental wellness the book - Anchor Points -My goal is to be happy
Take a trip down my mental wellness road and find yourself as you learn to overcome your own life-long battle with mental illness. – Expectation

Even though I find writing cathartic, it does more than that for me. Not only does it give me a routine of sorts, but it also gives me flexibility. I may not always be up to the task of working, because of a depressive episode, for example, but nonetheless it’s always there. See? An anchor point.

So, what are your Anchor points?

First off, if you are drawing a blank, that’s ok. Often our mental disorder gets in the way. If, for example, you have low inhibition because of depression, finding anchor points will be tough.

It’s for this reason that I suggest that you go to therapy. A skilled therapist can help guide you into a better mode of clarity. Further, you can read up on the latest #science that shows what are the most beneficial things one can do to improve their Our Mental Well-Being.

Why is this important? Finding things that help you heal can become anchor points. For instance, exercise can help improve overall heath and has shown to improve mental health. Therefore, one can argue, that it is something everyone should do. But as a bonus – it can become an anchor point. Something to lean into to help you live a better life.

It’s worth noting that I have met some people who say, “exercise won’t work for me.” Id like to challenge this notion by saying that while you are an individual, your psychophysiology is not that different. Therefore, you will see some benefit from exercise. Moreover, it’s far more likely that a person is

  1. Not wanting to exercise. Or
  2. Is being overtaken by Depression’s mindset.

Checkout our Mental Health Resources Page

Lastly, I want you to think about all the things, big or small, that make you happy. Whatever these things are for you, latch onto them and allow them to be your reason to keep going.

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