I only have to look out for me.

I only have to look out for me? Are you using “self-care” as an excuse to look out for you only? Or perhaps your illness has hijacked the idea?

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Man, the last few years have seen our world transform into a place full of tragedy and mental illness. I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, the world somehow feels different. Further, I would say it feels different because it is in fact – different. And I, like you, would rather stay at home than deal with the constant controversies. However, this is something that cannot sustain itself and have a positive outcome.

While it may seem like a permanent cloud of darkness has settled upon the land of the earth, there are in fact still some major pockets of light. It is my contention that they come from the selfless acts of courage and kindness.

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today. So, let’s not talk about how heavy the world feels.Instead, let’s focus on the goodness that still permeates the landscape. For if we wish to survive, we need to do two essential things – unite and pull together.

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But how? Well, from my own experience, it comes from individualistic yet collective sacrifice. Since the dawn of humanity, individuals have sacrificed themselves or stepped up to lead in a strong desire to help the entire community. In this way, our individualistic tendencies are a strength.

However, in modern times, the humans that walk the earth seem to be doing so in such a way that sees them in self-preservation mode. What’s worse, is that they may seem to be doing it on purpose. And doing so in the name of self-care – another popular trending buzzwords.

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While self-care is very important and taking time for yourself is equally so, we are living in times where the rest of us need you; we need one another! Personally, I feel that if we don’t achieve a healthy level of unity, we will never achieve the peace we so desperately look for individually.

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For you see that regardless of where you sit in life or how you feel about it, the rest of the world, at least in the big picture, doesn’t care about you. However, the world does improve when we understand that we must be uncomfortable and what’s right must be put in front of our own needs.

Now, with all that said, one doesn’t have to be a superhero to contribute positively to the world. I feel like people are so desperate for help or any sort of kindness that small acts of kindliness are monumental. So, simply acknowledging someone in a friendly manner could be a literal life saver. I don’t know about you, but I believe that is pretty significant. Or in some cases, a game-changer.

How to make the world a kinder place

What’s more, is that you can cultivate gratitude by simply paying it some attention. For example, when you’re feeling hopeless and lost – which I have no doubt that you are – practice gratefulness. How, you ask? By writing down each and every thing that you were grateful for, then reading it back and letting it soak in.

While this doesn’t sound very effective, there are many people who have reported having their mood lifted and their mental health improved. Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated to work. In fact, when your anxiety is high, it’s often the simple things that are the most effective, i.e., deep breathing, walks, etc.

So then, what does a gratefulness inventory look like? Look at the following::

Gratefulness inventory.

  1. List everything that makes you feel good in your life, no matter how small. Then, review the list and take time to think about the good they make you feel.
Things I’m grateful forHow they make me feel
Remember, list whatever you are grateful for.Has my list improved my mental health?
Gratefulness inventory

Finally, self-care and other forms of focusing on you are absolutely 100% important – as long as self-care isn’t mistaken for “I only have to look out for me.” This particular type of attitude, so I believe, will come back to make you more miserable in the end. I feel it’s important to learn that “we” is, at the end of the day, more important than “I.”

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Add as a quote “At first help thy self but never forget to help your neighbors.”

Jonathan Arenburg -author of the book, The Road To Mental Wellness.

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Front cover infographic – <a href=”https://www.freepik.com/vectors/woman-cartoon&#8221;>Woman cartoon vector created by pch.vector – http://www.freepik.com</a>CopyPrinted items

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