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Nova Scotia wants to fix mental health

Nova Scotia wants to fix mental health: An ambitious plan, a great Idea, and a possible solution to the mental health crisis in the Province. Still, I have questions

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It’s the journey not the destination.

The recovery journey was like a roller coaster ride. Until I realized, It’s the journey, not the destination. I hope you are doing fine

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My trauma was built around chaos

It’s not worth knowing all the factors that caused my illnesses, but I am glad I know the source: My trauma was built around chaos.

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A long and mentally-healthy life.

What are the key ingredients to living a long and mentally health life? In this post, you will discover my recipe for a good life. What do you think?

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Social media trending mindset.

Has the real world developed a social media trending mindset? Comprised of all talk and no action? Here’s what I have to say

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