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After being out of the gym and neck-deep in a major depressive episode or two, I am back at it – eating better, too. A rough patch doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

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WOW! I’ve been out of the gym for 6 months? Time sure has flown by. While I am not happy that I had this hiatus, I have promised myself to be gentle. I am after all, not well. A fact that I have embraced since day one.

Yet, despite the fact that I have accepted my fate, I can’t lie. The last two years have left me in a depressive bubble. Hence why I have been out of the gym for so long. ” It’s okay, you are going through some unprecedented stuff; you’ll get back to it.” And even though it took so long to get there, I always knew I would.

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However, like so many of you, COVID has made life so much more difficult than I ever thought possible. I mean, damn, I’m exhausted, aren’t you?

The above banner year for pain and suffering was not what I had planned. What’s more, I haven’t had the mental resilience to handle the onslaught. I can’t lie: as a man, I struggled with what I initially saw as weakness – a notion that I didn’t entertain for long. Really, no one should, if they have depression. It’s not helpful. In fact, I consider it to be counter-intuitive.

So, after fighting past this manly myth of weakness as it relates to mental illness, I allowed myself time to hide. More accurately, I took time to heal. There is after all, no shame in your mental pain.

It cleared the way

See, while I normally give myself three days tops to be down and out with a depressive episode, the last six months were different. They were relentless and because of it, my coping tools were useless against wave after wave of mental pain.

However, I never gave up on them. In fact, they kept me going. With my ability to see I had choices, coupled with knowing that I wasn’t weak, I slowly made my way towards healing. This, despite the traffic jam of woes on the road to mental wellness.

So, when I said, “I’ll get back to the gym,” I knew I would. For me, it was only a matter of time. What’s more, I’m also eating better and feeling more energetic.

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Now I find myself asking, “why didn’t I get back to it sooner?” A fair question one asks themselves when they start to feel better.

The moral of this post is, regardless of how long you’ve been off the beaten path of mental wellness, you can get back on. What’s great about starting from scratch? You already know what you must do to get back on track.

I’m rooting for you.

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Front cover infographic – <a href=”;>Woman cartoon vector created by pch.vector –</a>CopyPrinted items

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