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family decorating their christmas tree Christmas In Quarantine

Christmas In Quarantine

While I may be waking up to Christmas in quarantine, I know that there remain millions who are suffering far worse than I am.

Mere days before the day of all days, Christmas, I was exposed. “COVID, you can go away anytime! Now, I remain behind closed doors as those I love, wake up to the joy of the season. I am happy for them.

With that said, it’s an exceedingly difficult predicament for one who lives life apart from the world. PTSD has destroyed my life, my relationships and much of my purpose; that’s bad enough, but this damn virus! It’s the icing on the cake – almost!

Wait! Before you decide that this is too depressing a read for the season, read on!

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While my situation has been a personal battle of mental illness and disability, I am acutely aware that pain is universal. And while I don’t normally subscribe to the notion that “Someone always has it worse,” it’s context-dependant.

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Indeed, it’s true, that some have it worse. For instance, I am warm, have access to drinking water, and have an amazing support system. Millions, sadly, do not. This is simply one of the world’s colder realities. In this respect, I know how lucky I am.

So, you see, while Christmas of 2021 is not my best Christmas ever, it pales in comparison to the painful holidays of many others.

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I am sad and feeling detached from those I love, and I know that this is okay. But what I feel isn’t okay is getting consumed by it. Despite that I know it’s okay to feel sad, I have friends who are thousands of miles away from their families; some of whom are sick with worry because of a natural disaster in their home country, have friends in war-torn areas, while others are overrun with COVID etc.

So, on this Christmas day, my thoughts are with those who are desperate with worry, who are living in squalor, and yes, those who are battling mental illness alone.

Your life matters, and so do those who love and support you. So, go, be with those you love. Call them, video chat and tell them that they are loved. If you can’t, they are with you in your heart.

Need help? go to Crisis Services Canada

Lastly, I encourage everyone reading this to find a way make the world around them a better place. Please be kind and work on repairing the global division that has sickened our minds, our communities, our world. #weallmatter.

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