I hate people

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I hate people?” If so, is this really true? Maybe you’re just tired of all the negative weighing down on you?

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Today, it’s not uncommon to hear people say, “I hate people”. Heck, I’ve been guilty of uttering it a time or two myself. But I have decided that I would start my new year’s resolution early. “I am no longer going to say, ‘I hate people.'”

My decision to stop saying this came to me when I asked this question; “Is it really true that I hate people?” Sure, there are individuals that I really can’t stand. But hate all people? I quickly concluded that I don’t, far from it.

Moreover, I would be a hundred times more hateful if it were true – not something the world needs more of. I believe that words matter, all of them. Therefore, I, we must refrain from using such sentences – and seek out more reasons to love one another.

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So then, if words matter and we can’t possibly “hate all people” why do we say it? Well, I think we are plain tired. Exhausted from all the division, the virus, the rise in mental-health crisis and more. It’s a collective phenomenon I like to call the great angst.

The great angst can be characterized by the global feeling of fear and anxiety created by the above and more. Other examples are: rising prices for everything and a constant barrage of bad news blasting from everywhere.

In conclusion, we are constantly living in “threat mode.” Still, I reject the “I hate people.” tagline. I have to if I want to do my part to make the world a better place.

I know, it seems like the world is full of hateful, out-for-themselves characters whose mission is to be your enemy. In reality, we are all battling to keep our heads above water. Furthermore, we are all being conditioned to believe that everyone must pick a side. But do we really? I am inclined to believe that no, we don’t. Okay, so I lied a little. I think we should be on the side that benefits the majority of people. This can only be achieved by, you guessed it, kindness.

There are good people in the world.

Move over, you and I could unite rather than fight. Admittedly, this is no easy task in the age of misinformation, nonetheless, we need to try. To put it another way, we need to shift towards a movement of global healing.

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So, we don’t really hate people; we hate the state of anxiety and fear we are in. While they may seem like they are inseparable, they are in fact, two different things. We have little to no control over the grand scheme of things, especially while we are so divided but….. We do have some control. In fact, more than we think.

It all starts with you!

So then, what can we do to ease the mental pain that wreaks havoc on us? Firstly, we can stop saying “I hate people,” and move towards seeking out the millions of loving, caring individuals who inhabit the planet from one end to the other. How?

  • You’re Only Human
    Like me, you’re only human, so why don’t we focus on our commonalities and work towards a better mental health care system for all?
  • You’ll Be Okay, My Friend
    You are always worth way more than you think you are. You’ll be ok my friend. Don’t let the negative script of mental illness defeat you.
  • You didn’t ask for PTSD
    While it may be difficult for you to accept, you must remember, you didn’t ask for PTSD. It’s not your fault and that’s just a fact, ok?

“Not only does kindness exist, it exists in abundance.”

– Jonathan Arenburg

I believe that it all starts with one word….. Kindness. Remember, we are all just trying to survive, so what you see, might not be what you get.

Additionally, if you’re walking the earth guarded and in self-preservation mode, you will not see the good in others. What’s more, they will not see the kind and loving person you are. A shame, really.

Therefore, it’s up to you. Remain in defensive mode or take a change and get to know others. I think what you’ll find is that the “I hate people” statement doesn’t always apply.

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