Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel stuck? If so, why? In this post, I explore one of the many reasons we often feel like we’ve lost ourselves. What do you think?

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Do you feel stuck? Like you were born to do something else? Well, believe it or not, this “feeling” is not an uncommon one. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that there are even more who feel like they aren’t living as their nature intended.

In other words, they have a deep and sometimes lonely void nagging at them to be freed. Perhaps you can relate? Maybe you have an ever-present feeling of “None of this feels right to me.” Well, fear not – if this sounds like you, I may have an answer.

Although I can’t really speak for you personally, I can, nonetheless, suggest or take a guess as to what could be pulling at your shirtsleeve like an inquisitive toddler. Firstly, I must ask you this: have you sacrificed your own destiny for everyone around you?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you have your answer to my original question; Do you feel stuck?

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Now that we have determined why you harass yourself from sunup to sundown, let’s ask why. Again, keep in mind that I am merely playing a hunch, so I could be way off base here. For some, I suspect that I am, but for others? Well, I think this may resonate.

Nonetheless, let’s give it a shot. Hey, I know – let’s do it in story form. Ready?

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Where I went awry:

Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a ____________________. The joy that I got just from wanting to do __________________________, made me work hard and with purpose.

Then I grew up. And along the way, I painfully learned that the pressure to conform to tradition, took my passion and deflated it, just enough to pack it deep inside. Yes – marriage, kids, a home, and a fancy car became me, or at least what I thought was at my core… Boy, was I wrong!

Eventually, I faked “happy,” when in reality, all I wanted to do was __________________________. But I was always told that it didn’t pay enough, that kids are the centre of the universe, and that I needed a partner to be happy. Essentially, happiness is a constant state. Something that – if I worked hard at all these things – I would obtain someday.

In reality, I was slipping further and further into depression, but the world needed me to manufacture the appearance of “happy”… as if joy was some sort of achievement as opposed to a fluid emotion… I denied my authentic self for so long and I hurt, each and every day…..
For me, when I figured it all out, I felt I betrayed myself and was lied to, all my life. Both of these factors crushed into a mold to which I did not fit.
See, I sacrificed me for a house I did not want, a great-paying job that I hated and a relationship I had no time for….. And I FUC@# hated it!

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Now, I am happy! And you wanna know why? Because I walked away from the misery of a life I was forced to foster, a world for everyone else. Sure, it was tough, but I knew that this crap life was going to shorten my own life expectancy.

Happy to say that I braved it, and I went and did whatever it took to realize my dream and thus let lose my authentic self…. Now, I am doing ___________________, and I love it… I am happy more often and I love going to work

Finally – I am Me!

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So, I ask you again, do you feel stuck? Like the real you has been forced to be repressed so that you can fit in a box” Someone else’s box? If so, it will take courage and time, but you CAN set yourself free.

Here’s to a road to mental wellness that makes you increasingly happy and fulfilled.


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