It really is up to you

It really is up to you to confront a problem head-on, reach out and build a support network that will help you heal.

All my life I have had a sense that all people can be better than what they are at present. This, despite their circumstances. You see, humans are a very adaptive bunch and can not only survive, but thrive and overcome adversity.

I mean, we have survived ice ages, floods, earthquakes, and other calamities, right? So, why can’t we overcome the strife of today? Well, I think we can. Be warned however, making life better for oneself is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s akin to an ancestral battle ground. A turbulent environment where the name of the game was “eat or be eaten.” Personally, I’ll take today over the days of old, any day of the week.

Even though things are much better today than ever, the struggle is still very real. Both on a group level and on an individual level

However, we can learn a lot about the fact that we are still here. One question worth asking is “How did we make it this far?” A fair question, considering the unrelenting trails of centuries gone by. Well, the short answer is “connection.” Without the reliance on one another to survive, I am inclined to think we wouldn’t have made it to see the modern world.

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In my view, no truer statement has ever been made than “There’s strength in numbers” – a notion that seems to be on shaky ground today. That said, it really is up to you to fix it. To be more precise, it’s up to all of us to work together for a better world. While we may not be an animal’s dinner, today’s sabretooth tigers are those who want only power and wealth.

It really is up to you
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This reality is extremely hard to accept and is often the cause of stress, anxiety, and depression. Sadly, it feels overwhelming and beyond our control. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that power and control are divisive. Our society is being pulled apart by the almighty dollar and with it, our ability to support one another.

But…. We can still take back some control. How? By leaning on one another and forming strong bonds. It’s been essential for our entire existence; therefore, we can ill afford to let modern times divide us to the point we fall apart.

The power of human connection.

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Monster A Precursor For Illness

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This idea also applies to the realm of mental health. Because the cornerstone of mental illness is the feeling of being isolated and alone, a connection with others can make or break a person. Simply put, we can’t heal on our own. Despite this, we tend to try. The problem with this approach is, it’s not us making the decision – it’s Depression’s mindset. Let’s be honest, we all need help, every one of us.

Once we acknowledge the need for support, then what? Do we wait to see if it will land in our laps, or do we go after it? We go after it, of course. Therefore, it really is up to you to take charge. You are in control.

For example, I had to take the mental-health bull by the horns and get help. Furthermore, I had to learn to be okay with living in the uncomfortable zone. Of course, it didn’t hurt me to learn that mental illness has a way of hijacking one’s thoughts. When I realized that I had been taken captive, I knew I had to do whatever it took to get better. Tip: if your thoughts lean towards self-destruction, do the opposite of what they ask. It could be anxiety and depression speaking.

Once I reached out and built a support community of friends, family, and mental-health professionals, I gifted myself the power to prevent my demise. To this very day, it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

There is a strength in us that can see us through almost anything.

If history has taught us anything, it’s this: we really are stronger together.

Jonathan Arenburg

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In essence, I am alive today because of the actions I have taken to ensure that I get well and find meaning through passion and purpose. So, let today be the day you make the choice to save yourself by connecting with others.

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