Are you feeling hopeless?

Are you feeling hopeless? If so, maybe it’s time to join the battle for universal mental health care? We all need to be in this together.

How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling a heavy yet unidentified sense of dread? Are you feeling hopeless? Lost even?

When I meet with people or chat one on one online, I ask these questions a lot. Why? Because they are almost always met with a “Yes, I am, how did you know?”

Well. I knew because, those who sit before me aren’t alone in their battle. While it’s true, their own battles are an individual one, in the bigger picture, they are a problem for the entire world.

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What I find especially troubling is how widespread dread and hopelessness goes. From Canada to the US, and from the UK and beyond, there’s a sense of loss of control. But why? A question with no easy answers. whether we discover the source, or we don’t, we will still need to find healthy ways to relieve the mental illness burden felt by millions.

Sometimes, the origins are less important than the cure. I mean, who cares where COVID 19 came from. We can get a vaccine and thus, minimize its effects on, not only ourselves, but also those around us. Personally, I know which one I’d rather focus on, the one the takes us down the road to wellness.

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Additionally, I think we as a species have reached a point with the growing numbers of mental health cases, that it has become imperative to focus on the solutions. And do so together. A humanity threat can’t be dealt with by thinking of ourselves. In fact, the opposite is true. So, like any other crisis, we must come together. Despite its origins, we need to do something about it NOW!

Are you feeling hopeless?
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In fact, to totally focus on ourselves will cause more harm to the collective. Therefore, it becomes a priority to think and do better by our fellow human beings. A robust, socially funded system can take a big chuck out of division for example. It does this by guaranteeing access for everyone, regardless of their background. See, for the betterment of all.

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In order for one to get healthy, an individual must focus on their care. What I am saying here is that we must go beyond ourselves as a society to ease the suffering of others… Don’t abandon your treatment. Self-care is essential. But be active a demand better from your government.

World Health Organization’s call for universal mental health care.

An equal system for everyone! Now that’s an anxiety reducer right there. But in order for this to work. we need to unity to fight for a universal mental health care system.

Are you feeling hopeless? Then become part of the solution.

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Monster A Precursor For Illness

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